Putting You In A Great Mood

I love classical music but this has to be one of my personal favourites.
For a quiet, undemanding Sunday of Internet surfing. For a good deep breath. For a great way to relax without doing the retail therapy grind (which I have been doing for the past few days and eating myself a bit silly).
For a delicious way to wind down the year and get ready for the new one.
Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major – absolute heaven. Enjoy your Sunday!

12 Money Saving Tips… Add On Yours?

I emailed this over to a writer friend as she was preparing for a magazine article. Little did I know I missed her deadline! And as always, she only asked for one money-saving tip but I gave her 12. I know, I am a bit over-lah!
So instead of throwing it all away, I am sharing them here with you. Feel free to add on with your own tips.
Lots of people (OK, let me qualify that…lots of Malaysians) seem to have this impending fear of the global recession. Call me dumb or overly naive or too optimistic, but I think that we can all overcome this fear. I call it fear because that’s what it is. Everyone scaring everyone even BEFORE that recession hits, if it hits lah.

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Prose and Poetry in Cat City

This is quite late a post but I have very limited Internet access in Kuching. Don’t ask me why. It’s either some bloody dial-up (which works not) or have to go to a cafe with wifi access. Going to Kuching can be quite trying for me, at times. I wrote this post on 3 Aug which was the day the event was held, so read on (I shall stop being so grumpy today).
Stories about Backstreet Boys, a sea witch who seeks to break her own spell, corny love poems, Freddy and his 3-horned, 8-legged monster of a cow, the anguish of waiting for a love that never comes and the story of a wild boar piglet called Pumba reared in suburban Kuching – these and more were the creative expressions of a bunch of Kuchingites who shared on a Sunday afternoon at Bing, a coffee place in the heart of Kuching’s Chinatown (also known as Padungan).

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120 Malaysians, 1 Hope, 0 Money

Among all the artistes in this video, Ning’s my fave. But then again, I’ve always liked her vocal power. The lyrics are kind of strange but the chorus gets my nod for being the right sort. The sort which sticks in your head and plays itself over and over.
March 8, 2008 has changed Malaysians in such gratifying ways. We’re much more hopeful of a better, more vibrant, more transparent Malaysia for Malaysians.
And yes, this song sings of our newfound hope.
120 Malaysian artistes who gave their time to sing this song and pro bono too.
“Here in my home….I tell you what it’s all about…” Sing on, Malaysia!

Cursed Brilliance

While I try to keep my blog lighthearted and full of fun banter, it’s sometimes difficult to be like that when I read news about brilliance coming to nought.
This morning, I read about Math prodigy Sufiah Yusof whom according to a report, has now turned to prostitution. What saddened me most was the last line in the report “…her gift has been a curse”.
When I turned to tell Nic this, he simply said that being gifted and being a genius was as bad as being on the other extreme of the intellectual scale. It is an abnormality because having a high IQ doesn’t mean one automatically becomes great in all spheres of life. Life is truly tough for those whose intellectual giftedness borders on superhuman ability.

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Can You Chip In?

SnowmanIf you’ve been a reader of this blog for sometime, you would know that I’m one of the two founding members of WomenBizSENSE, a business ladies’ networking group in Penang.
You can find out more about our growing group of business ladies from our website at www.WomenBizSense.com
Anyway, we’re having our Christmas lunch early this December. We usually have it nice and early because Christmas/December is a very busy time for many of us in business. The holiday season and end of the year always makes businesses extra active and we’re all on ‘go’ most times.
This year, we’re combining our Christmas lunch with a meaningful event – we’re raising money for the Malaysian SLE Association. The idea came about during one lunch with Nancy, one of our members, who helps out with this association for lupus patients.

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A Deft Hand with Postcards?

I got the email from Josephine of DIGI so I thought I’d be kind to help pass the word around (since ahem, madame moi was a finalist of the DIGI Short Short Story Competition although they just gave me some RM50 worth of reload cards and a bulky framed version of my 16-word short story.)
POSTCARDS is the 2nd programme of DIGI’s which sounds like something fun. I probably will take part, just for the heck of it. It appeals to the artsy-fartsy side of me.
This time, you don’t have to be a wordsmith though.

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The Art of Travel Writing

I’m the most undisciplined person when it comes to writing. Oh I have mad dreams of making it one day as a fiction writer (now that’s embarrassing to admit) but that big story yet untold is hibernating in my head. OK, maybe it’s more than hibernating. It’s probably in some coma.
But signed up I did for Beth Yahp’s travel writing workshop. In fact, I believe I could have been one of the very first eager beavers to send her a cheque.
The first workshop began last Saturday, with another happening tomorrow. Held at the YMCA, the course brought an eclectic bunch of us wannabe writers together – a doctor, a paratrooper-turned-engineer, a retiree, engineers from a local MNC, a business consultant and two entrepreneurs. We were there because we loved writing and wanted to learn how to tell a better story.

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Freedom Film Festival 2007

The Freedom Film Fest is back again this year in Penang. Got news of it this evening from Michelle. The thing about me is that I love all these underground/alternative sort of movies. Things I normally don’t get to see on regular TV. Or perhaps too ‘outrageous’ to be shown on TV.
When I was at the Actors Studio Greenhall last year, I caught some of the best if not more controversial movies. I remembered I watched them alone too, after a too-salty chicken rice lunch. Despite feeling awfully thirsty, I sat through an afternoon of movies because the topics provoked me into thinking about certain issues like what it is like to be a woman or what exactly are my rights?

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Speedballs, Snapballs

I’m really a practical person so all this gizmos and gadgets especially computer gizmos don’t appeal to me.
On the flip side, Nic loves his In-Tech pullout, he adores his Mac mini and he must drop by the Apple Centre (now called Switch) either in Queensbay or Gurney Plaza each time he’s there. It’s like some sort of voodoo place for Mac groupies. They get so hyped up in that shop. And let’s not talk about those Mac User Group sessions at Hardwicke Mansion. My Dutch friend flies in probably 2x a year to attend and learn stuff (and also, get cheaper Mac stuff, methinks, compared to the euro-pricing in Holland).

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