120 Malaysians, 1 Hope, 0 Money

Among all the artistes in this video, Ning’s my fave. But then again, I’ve always liked her vocal power. The lyrics are kind of strange but the chorus gets my nod for being the right sort. The sort which sticks in your head and plays itself over and over.
March 8, 2008 has changed Malaysians in such gratifying ways. We’re much more hopeful of a better, more vibrant, more transparent Malaysia for Malaysians.
And yes, this song sings of our newfound hope.
120 Malaysian artistes who gave their time to sing this song and pro bono too.
“Here in my home….I tell you what it’s all about…” Sing on, Malaysia!

4 thoughts on “120 Malaysians, 1 Hope, 0 Money”

  1. The thinking me likes the weird way this music makes it so…us. It doesn’t have the normal arrangement like other songs: it’s not composed to be sold, it’s composed to send a message.
    The cynic in me can’t help but whisper, “I hope that’s what it does.”

  2. but Hitz play the song 120 times a day, make me sick. But there’s something about the song that is too….erm, plain. No oomph. Overall, I don’t like it and yeah, like you said, there’s something DEFINITELY wrong with the lyrics! 🙂

  3. Hi Vern: Yes, I guess I can overlook the weird lyrics and go for the meaning. It’s like a “we are the world” kind of song…to inspire.
    Hi JM: Can I tell you that I don’t quite like some of the people in that song? Haha, but never mind la. All for Malaysia. It’s not about individuals I guess. About the sum greater than its parts.
    Hi Marsha: The lyrics don’t gel, there’s a kind of disjointedness about it. I’m not a singer like you but it’s good to know I’m not some crazy nitpicker or some nutcase Simon Cowell. Well, anything that’s played to death can be so annoying. I remember that Reshmonu song too one time which got me mad so I switched channels. Malaysian radio stations are supportive of local artistes but sometimes a bit too ‘over’!


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