The Art of Travel Writing

I’m the most undisciplined person when it comes to writing. Oh I have mad dreams of making it one day as a fiction writer (now that’s embarrassing to admit) but that big story yet untold is hibernating in my head. OK, maybe it’s more than hibernating. It’s probably in some coma.
But signed up I did for Beth Yahp’s travel writing workshop. In fact, I believe I could have been one of the very first eager beavers to send her a cheque.
The first workshop began last Saturday, with another happening tomorrow. Held at the YMCA, the course brought an eclectic bunch of us wannabe writers together – a doctor, a paratrooper-turned-engineer, a retiree, engineers from a local MNC, a business consultant and two entrepreneurs. We were there because we loved writing and wanted to learn how to tell a better story.

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Freedom Film Festival 2007

The Freedom Film Fest is back again this year in Penang. Got news of it this evening from Michelle. The thing about me is that I love all these underground/alternative sort of movies. Things I normally don’t get to see on regular TV. Or perhaps too ‘outrageous’ to be shown on TV.
When I was at the Actors Studio Greenhall last year, I caught some of the best if not more controversial movies. I remembered I watched them alone too, after a too-salty chicken rice lunch. Despite feeling awfully thirsty, I sat through an afternoon of movies because the topics provoked me into thinking about certain issues like what it is like to be a woman or what exactly are my rights?

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The 30s Trauma

I met up with a good friend who flew in from Hong Kong last week. Ping has been one of those people I’ve known for a long time now (10 years now).
She used to be the girlfriend of a friend I knew so basically I knew her boyfriend first. But when their relationship took a turn for the worse, I still remained close to her. We’ve been keeping in touch every now and then online and whenever she’s back in Malaysia (she worked in Xiamen for a few years and now she is in HK).

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At the Spice Market

Last week was totally mindboggling. A number of tasks to complete, a number of errands, and then some. Sometimes it feels as if the whole week had just flown by.
But the good thing was, Nic and I were looking forward to last Friday, hectic or not. It was one of those appointments which were more about food and friends, rather than the usual client appointments.
foodfriends talk penang

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