A Short Break

I won’t be posting for the next couple of days as I am in Kuching.
The Internet line is rather slow here.
Anyway, lots of posts when I get back!

Yee Sang for Charity

I hope you enjoy yee sang.
If you do, then buy some yee sang for charity!
Tze, a friend of mine, is organising a Prosperity Yee Sang for Charity in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. She’ll also be presenting during the event to be held next Friday, 25 January at the E&O Hotel together with FoodFriends (a group of foodies under the International Women’s Association).
All proceeds during this prosperity yee sang for charity will go towards two charities, Eden Handicapped Centre and Seri Cahaya Orphanage. Both are located in Penang.
Here’s how you can support:
1. Buy a box of yee sang. Or better, buy many boxes of yee sang. After all, Chinese New Year is a time for sharing with family and friends. Each box is priced at RM18. Contact 261 4099 to buy your yee sang.
2. Join Tze and FoodFriends at E&O Hotel next Friday, 10.30am, for their pre-CNY celebration which includes a buffet lunch with wine and yee sang (of course!). Tze and her team will and explain Chinese traditions too. They have also lined up some food preparation demos by two chefs. To take part in this exclusive lunch, get your ticket at RM50 per person. Contact 261 4099 for details.
I had planned to join but I won’t be in Penang next week (though I hope to still blog when I am over in Kuching). That’s rather unfortunate because I’ve always enjoyed events organised by Tze and FoodFriends. I would probably buy some yee sang for family – the yee sang are generously sponsored by a friend of hers.
There are only 400 boxes of yee sang so hurry if you want to support this good cause.
After all, most if not all of us will be buying yee sang for our CNY celebrations so make it meaningful by grabbing some yee sang from this event!

Play, Learn and Help!

I got addicted. Well and truly did. All because I clicked on a link which a friend was touting.
It’s a vocab game which really got me hooked. There’s nothing like a good set of words to get my day started.

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National Treasure…Not!

OK, I watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It was either this movie or The Warlords. I didn’t feel like watching Jet Li or Takeshi Kaneshiro battle it out (sometimes, I have moods, you know. Of when to watch who and what).
(If you have not seen the movie, read no more. I will not be responsible if you know the plot and decide not to watch the movie after all.)

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