Kuching Diary: Goat's EyeLashes & Markets

Yes, I still have more posts about Kuching! I think I have a few more before I close this Kuching diary. I must get back to regular/present posts. So many things to write about, not that I have had that many CNY adventures.
If there is one thing odd about Kuching, it is the very few Indians you see there. Oh sure they have a street called India Street that’s right smack in the heart of the city.
There’s an India Street with an Indian Mosque Lane.
Little India Sarawak
But really, don’t expect much. Even when you’re walking down this street, you still won’t find that many Indians.

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Kuching Diary: Cheng Ho Garden

Continuing my Kuching entries!
And of course, Happy Valentine’s! Remember there are all kinds of love – friendship, for instance! And of course, the regular kind, the boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife. Also don’t forget sisterly and brotherly love, parental love, etc. Even love for animals.
I had heard about Cheng Ho or Zheng He Garden or Taman Sahabat for sometime now but never had the chance to visit until this last trip to Kuching. It’s located at Jalan Song.

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Kuching Diary, Part 1

I will be posting up some of my posts which I wrote in Kuching before I continue with my CNY posts. I called these my Kuching Diary entries. 😉
We arrived in Kuching a few days ago but the weather’s been good to us. The sun isn’t as hot as Penang (thankfully though to Mom in law, any sun means it’s hot). It rains in the night too so good for sleeping. Now I know why there’s so much green and vegetation here in Sarawak – the climate makes plants grow and grow!
sarawak kolo mee
The first thing Nic and I do (when we get the chance) is to eat Sarawak’s famous kolo mee. I kind of enjoy this Q-Q noodles (Q-Q in Hokkien means springy lah) here even though it’s such a simple dish. Just plain noodles with a few slices of char siew and some char siew oil. No wantan, no vege. The noodles are addictive though. I wonder why Penangites have not caught on to this type of noodles instead of the limp wantan noodles we have over there.

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Back in Action

I was back from Kuching on the 30th but somehow or other, so many things got in the way of proper blogging. It didn’t help that I was probably half comatose while in Kuching what with the awful dial-up services. We could only access the Internet at midnight! And that made me so grateful for broadband services here in Penang.

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