Gubra… A Malay Movie?

I watched Gubra in the cineplex last Friday afternoon. The cineplex was empty, save for a few annoying teenage girls, whom I presumed wanted to see more of the ‘unfinished’ love story of Orked and Jason.

I tried not to read any review of the movie before I stepped into the dimly-lit cineplex, but I did read S.B.Toh’s highly positive words in The Star about Gubra.

Yet, even if the review was not positive, I rarely trust movie reviewers. Opinions are based on emotions. And emotions are subjective. And what I loathe, you might love. The best way to determine if Gubra was any good was to pay money to watch it in the cineplex.

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Oh Dotty Dear Dotty

I have been meaning to make this post for ages now… but somehow always forgot to resize my photos. And today, tadddaaa…I managed to download the pics and resize them and uploaded them again (phew, the amount of work just to blog….).
I count myself utterly fortunate to know so many great people. And among my earliest friends as a result of blogging (hmm, in 2003 I think) is Dotty. Dotty, my dear, thanks for your gift of friendship.

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Walk Your Talk

What I love about Penang is that the island probably has the largest number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which are active and take a strong interest in the island’s happenings. Although Penang is not hip in the KL sense, Penang has many activities for those who are interested in local culture and its peoples.
That’s how I found myself on the 4th floor of 60, Weld Quay two weeks ago, after huffing up many flights of cramped stairs. Nic and I got there just in time – Dr Choong Sim Poey or known affectionately as SP was giving a speech about what PenangWatch was all about.

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We took Margaret to the vet yesterday. It’s tough explaining why we paid RM85 to neuter a cat which wasn’t even our own.
Margaret is supposedly 2 years old (this we found out when we got the vet’s card this morning) and colour-wise, she’s a mackerel tabby. We didn’t know her age all the while and we never knew she weighed 3.94 kg. Is that fat for a cat? A stray cat?

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