I love cooking shows. I mean, I used to sit through wacky Chef Wan and his antics from years ago. I even watch (if there’s nothing else on TV) some boring RTM production – you know, the type where everything looks OLD and the lighting’s all yellow and the women look too pasty for words. But heck, I sit through THOSE too because I watch for the food, not the stilted host!
But then, TV became so sexy and food was the new sex (please correct me if I am wrong). All of a sudden, everyone’s popping up and declaring themselves cooking maestros.
Now I watch because the host is cute/sexy/funny and food comes second. Most times, the food isn’t that tantalising either as many of these hosts/cooks are rather slapdash. Nic’s biggest grouse is that these people/hosts/chefs do not ‘respect the food’ they are cooking with!
My favourite used to be Bourdain, yes that sunken-eyed, chainsmoking American with the French connection. He was the most sarcastic thing on Channel 11. He still is, though but he seems a bit bored. Maybe too much of food is a bad thing!

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Why MayaKirana?

Through this blog of mine (which I started back when blogging wasn’t even cool or understood), I’ve made plenty of good friends. I leave my blog URL in a few places but somehow, people find their way here and end up being my good buddies.
When they email me and I reply, they are inevitably surprised. The first thing many e-buddies ask is this, “Why did you choose Maya Kirana as a name for yourself and your blog?”

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Cheats and Liars

I really get mad when people try to do things behind your back and then try to cover up when asked.
I got hopping mad when I found out that the bank which I got my credit card from has been doing this. You see, I could have changed my credit card for one which didn’t charge me annual fees. I could have. But darn loyal me. I see credit card promoters each time I go to Tesco, Giant and Komtar. Everyone’s trying to get me to change to a card which doesn’t have annual fees. Free for life.

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The Dragonfly Which Flew Away

By chance I caught the one-hour episode of Crossings last night over Astro. I had been a big fan of this inspiring programme which is a Caltex endeavour together with Discovery Channel. It is about inspiring people in Asia, people who had contributed one way or another towards their community or emerged as leaders and visionaries of their time. The tagline of Crossings is, when paths cross, lives can change which I find very apt as we often need someone to push us forward, either with a kind word, a smile or a blessing. With that, we soar.

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