Cursed Brilliance

While I try to keep my blog lighthearted and full of fun banter, it’s sometimes difficult to be like that when I read news about brilliance coming to nought.
This morning, I read about Math prodigy Sufiah Yusof whom according to a report, has now turned to prostitution. What saddened me most was the last line in the report “…her gift has been a curse”.
When I turned to tell Nic this, he simply said that being gifted and being a genius was as bad as being on the other extreme of the intellectual scale. It is an abnormality because having a high IQ doesn’t mean one automatically becomes great in all spheres of life. Life is truly tough for those whose intellectual giftedness borders on superhuman ability.

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A Tropical Lunch Affair

I love lunching out with my sis and cousins.
Being Penangites, we love to suss out good makan places. Two weekends ago, I decided to introduce them to a special place in Batu Feringghi – the Tropical Spice Garden.
Tropical Spice Garden Cafe Penang
Both my sis and cousin had never been there (my other cousin was in the States, on a work stint so she definitely missed out on this one). You know lah, Penangites won’t go to tourist areas unless they have out of town visitors.

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Stolen Notebook SOS!

This is an SOS for a friend, Kristine who SMSed me saying that she had her Mac stolen yesterday morning (around 9 am) at Taman Inderawasih, Seberang Perai. Her car window was smashed and her Mac, portable hard disk and iPhone charger stolen.
If you have any news of anyone trying to sell some cheap Mac online or offline, please call Kristine at 012 476 7076 immediately.
Her 15″ Mac book Pro has this serial number: W874592JX91.

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Emptying Your Head

I’ve been on a GTD frenzy these few days. (Oh, GTD is Getting Things Done, btw). I always thought I had my time and task management down to an okay – I get things done, I consider myself one of those odd creatures who have lists upon lists of things to do and I find undeniable pleasure in marking tasks OFF in red pen as they are completed and out of my sight.

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My Little Baking Adventure

I’ve never been a baker. I’m a soup maker but I’m not much of a baker.
The idea of a hot oven, a bunch of oily bowls (the aftermath of creaming butter and sugar etc) and washing up – well, that’s not really my idea of a good afternoon.
chocolate chip cookie recipe
But I had made a promise. You see, when you make promises, you keep them. And so I was guilty because I had bought the needed ingredients but had yet to make good on my promise.

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Give Me (Back) My Mouth

This is something I got in my email from Beth Yahp. I took a travel writing class under Beth last year and sometimes she emails us her insights about Malaysia. Here’s her piece about the elections. She’s referring to the front page of NST, which shows a picture of a woman’s face with the mouth ‘erased’ and the headline “No Representation, No Voice”. That’s what riled her to pen this piece.

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Penang Shows People Power

I am so happy and excited to be a Penangite tonight!
Really, a new dawn for Penang.
We won! We WON! DAP-PKR won. YES! YES! YES!
See the latest results from MalaysiaKini.
I don’t know if I can even sleep tonight. And it’s probably 1 million times more exciting and amazing for the DAP. Not only have they gotten what they want, they’re also going to form the state government!
I recalled getting huffed up about my godmother and grand-aunt telling me I should vote for BN when I spoke to them this afternoon. Mein Gott!
Of course I voted today. It was all over in 5 minutes at SK Keong Hoe, Sg Dua but even at 11 this morning, I could sense that something BIG was going to happen.
And it has!
Congrats to DAP & PKR. Way to go!
We, Penangites, take the lead in sending a serious message about people power!

Fireworks and Singing… What a Ceramah

I was there.
I was at Han Chiang last night and it was one of those moments where I had to pinch myself to see if I was really part of the crowd of 60,000 people/Penangites + 10,000 people (outside the Han Chiang fence, by the road, spilling off the road shoulders, obstructing traffic, eliciting curious motorists).
Plus it was a great way to celebrate my 34th birthday!

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Up to the Moon

Even before the election fever started, we had been looking forward to listening to the campaign ceramah(s). In 2004, we had great fun trailing the DAP as they organised ceramah here and there. Since we were mostly around this Bukit Gambir area, we of course braved the massive crowds and pushed our way through to hear Karpal Singh when he was fighting for the Bukit Gelugur seat. (This was before he met with the accident so this was before he became wheelchair-bound. Poor guy!)
Last Wednesday night, we were again on our rounds to Air Itam to look for the DAP ceramah. Sadly, DAP could not get a permit and didn’t manage to hold a ceramah at the appointed place!
This year too we wanted to go to a DAP ceramah, if only to hear blogger Jeff Ooi speak! I know many bloggers in Penang are working hard for him either helping him on polling day or at least helping him spread the news and vote for Jeff Ooi/ vote for Jelutong, THE place where the Tiger of Jelutung (Karpal Singh) used to be.
DAP Penang ceramah
But finally hear Jeff Ooi we did. I must say he did floor me with his arguments which were rather well-thought out with extremely hard hitting facts. Although he spoke with an American drawl, he spoke well too in Hokkien, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

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