If This Isn't Viral, I Don't Know What Is…

I got this from a good pal (who is also a fantastic marketing expert) in the Philippines just today. I subscribe to her blog using Feedblitz and I got her blog post which talked about David Poarch.
David is Fil-Am (that means kacukan lah, American and Filipino) but what’s so fantastic about this David? (Besides the fact that he’s terribly cute. With those looks, he could probably melt a couple of thousand hearts along the way…if he’s not gay.)

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What You'll Get in Banting

When I got my Flavours magazine early this month, I was thrilled to read that Banting was one of those towns featured in their foodie booklet. When I scoured the booklet, I read that Banting is a one-street town and the only worthwhile food there is the Beggar’s Chicken at Jugra (which you need to order in advance).
OK, this would rile me and Hoyoyi. While I am not fond of Banting immensely, I did grow up in that “one-street town” and like all impatient girls, I did spend a good part of those times thinking, “There must be more to life than this provincial town”.

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Stinking Satsuma

I had been hankering to buy The Body Shop’s Satsuma Perfume Oil since I tested it last Saturday at Queensbay.
As I was in Gurney Plaza yesterday, I thought I could just drop by and buy the perfume oil which was selling at half price (The Body Shop is having a sale until 10 June).
The Satsuma Perfume Oil smelled great – I am after all partial to anything citrusy! I love bergamot, lemons, limes, as long as they’re refreshingly citrusy, I’ll buy them. Of course Nic thinks I am nuts to buy everything that smells like lemon.

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Ronggeng Merdeka

Here’s a quick heads up for a dear friend….
Remember last year I blogged about Heritage Heboh? Fortunately, I managed to catch the sneak preview of that. I did not manage to attend the real thing as I had a terrible flu due to too much fun in the sun in Langkawi.
This year, the same bunch of Malaysians (young and old alike) are coming back, bigger and stronger with a showcase called Ronggeng Merdeka. Yes, 50 years of independence, remember?
This time around too there are more venues where you can catch the highly creative children/tweens in action.

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