A Deft Hand with Postcards?

I got the email from Josephine of DIGI so I thought I’d be kind to help pass the word around (since ahem, madame moi was a finalist of the DIGI Short Short Story Competition although they just gave me some RM50 worth of reload cards and a bulky framed version of my 16-word short story.)
POSTCARDS is the 2nd programme of DIGI’s which sounds like something fun. I probably will take part, just for the heck of it. It appeals to the artsy-fartsy side of me.
This time, you don’t have to be a wordsmith though.

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Slim Little Thing

Friends who know me know that Queensbay is my favourite place to hang out because it’s so near my home (about 10 minutes away) and because Borders is there.
I could probably go there everyday if I didn’t have work to do. (Funny thing though: I’ve yet to bump into D though he says he goes there regularly too!)
I was there some weeks ago.

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For Those Who Drive

My sis took delivery of her new Viva last Friday. It’s in silver, a relatively ‘safe’ colour while I would have preferred the jade green Viva. Anyway, it’s her car so no problemo.
She just got her driver’s licence a couple of months ago and she had been thinking of getting herself a car so that her driving skills would not rust and she wouldn’t be fearful of driving.

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What's On My Desk

I think it’s due to the scrapbooking class I’m taking next week. Or after Beth’s class on writing, I’ve begun to pay a little more attention to what’s here and now.
When I was chatting to I-Mei last Saturday at her shop, I couldn’t help but admire this young woman’s passion for all things scrapbooking. I flipped through some of the samples she made, one was an album dedicated to each month of the year, with a photo depicting the moments of each month. What caught my eye were photos of regular, everyday things she used in her scrapbooking. She brought the everyday into the foreground.
So today I took a photo of what’s on my desk (well, part of my desk anyway).
As you can see, I have a spider plant with lovely white star-shaped flowers. I killed my last spider plant due to overwatering so I am back with another plant. This one is far more lustrous than the previous one.

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