A Deft Hand with Postcards?

I got the email from Josephine of DIGI so I thought I’d be kind to help pass the word around (since ahem, madame moi was a finalist of the DIGI Short Short Story Competition although they just gave me some RM50 worth of reload cards and a bulky framed version of my 16-word short story.)
POSTCARDS is the 2nd programme of DIGI’s which sounds like something fun. I probably will take part, just for the heck of it. It appeals to the artsy-fartsy side of me.
This time, you don’t have to be a wordsmith though.
If you are deft with visuals, postcards is just what you need to express yourself.
You will need to create postcard-sized images (their definition of postcard is 7 inches by 5 inches) detailing the theme of “1.30 pm”. Ha, odd no? DIGI says how you interpret 1.30pm is up to you.
You can submit by email or MMS.
1.30pm conjures up lunch time for me. Or watching Oprah on Hallmark channel. Or even cooking in the kitchen. It also means hot sun, as it is the time I don’t fancy going out for lunch sometimes. It also means indecision for me – what to eat? What to eat? Chicken rice? Economy rice? Soupy noodles? Nasi kandar?
1.30pm is also about half the day; did I spend the early part well? In work terms, it means was I as productive as I wanted to be? Not sure you know. Once I get caught up in answering emails from clients, half my day is gone! Or when phone calls come in one after another. Maybe I could do one with me on the phone, on the PC.
1.30pm on a weekend is a totally different ballgame. It means not having lunch as I would’ve had brunch by then. It also means choosing with care what I want to do for the rest of the day: going out, reading, writing, or just admiring my potted plants.
So yeah, it opens up lots of possibilities of how I want to make 1.30pm a visual statement or story.
Prizes? Not sure though. They never hinted at anything but I guess that’s the fun. You never know what you’ll win until you win it.
Anyway the deadline is 16 November 2007. Get more details from their website (and see the mentors’ visual interpretation of 1.30pm….Sei Hon’s CEO Hamster is my fave) and get cracking!

5 thoughts on “A Deft Hand with Postcards?”

  1. Hi Gette: Hey thanks for the heads-up. Everyone, meet Gette who was one of the winners of the Digi Short Short Story. She came up with a devilishly delicious tale of revenge in 16 words. She’s also the one who offered Robert Raymer’s book, Lovers & Strangers Revisited as a prize at a contest over at her website/blog. 😉

  2. Hi u-jean: Where did you meet Jana? But that woman hah, she is everywhere lah. She’s very active in theatre and women’s issues, and she is currently volunteering with WAO. 😉


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