How to File Your Income Tax, the e-Filing way

If you have been using the e-Filing way to submit your income tax last year, this year should be no different. In fact, it should be even easier since you’ve done it.
It's tax season again! Let's file our taxes.
Remember if you’re an employee, you have about 7 days left before the income tax deadline of 30 April 2008. If you’re a business owner, you still have 67 days left – your deadline is 30 June 2008.
I decided to beat my own record. Last year I submitted via e-Filing on 25 April so this year, I am filing it on 24 April. I know I should have done it much earlier but you know, who wants to do income tax stuff, really? That’s like the most boring thing ever.

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Errr…What's That Again?

I was planning to write about this superlicious book that I’m reading right now until I read IttyBiz’s home business post.
I just got to know of IttyBiz but already I like what I read. And most times, her posts make me think. Now I can tell you that I rarely blog surf and those blogs that I surf are either people whom I know well or people I love checking up on. I love stumbling upon gems of blogs but the key thing, I much prefer to receive email updates when they post something new on their blog. I think that’s what everyone much prefers, right? To get the post right in their in-box each morning.
Anyway, her post got me thinking IF people/friends who read this blog know what I do for a living (besides blogging!). Sometimes people read about what I do but most people forget anyway, what with the 1001 things we do each day. And if they forget, as IttyBiz says, it’s really NOT their fault. It’s mine. I forget to remind or tell you what I do.

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Siaran Tergendala Sekejap

Won’t be posting much as I am off to Langkawi for 2 days. See you all when I get back!
Hope to get something fun interspersed with the clients we’re off to see
Ive noticed I’ve yet to have a proper holiday each time I go to Langkawi. I have not lazed on the beach, have not had time to sleep in properly.
But it’s not all stress. How can one be stressed on the island where there are more goats and cows than cars? And yes, let’s not forget the amazing friends we have on this isle.

Friends for Life

Well, Lisa came up to Penang for the weekend. We had lunches and spent time on the beach, just sitting around and talking. It’s so good to see her again. The last time I saw her was in KL, in August last year.

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Blogging for Soup

I was roped into being a blog panellist at the last minute at the MIRC Seminar held 2 Saturdays ago. I had promised Patie I would be attending the full day seminar as a participant. She had asked if either Nic and I would like to be speakers but no-lah, we were too tied up with our projects. So she called up about 3 days before to ask if I could help out to share my views on blogging.
Ah, my pet subject.
My ears perked. My eyes shone in anticipation.

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A Family Affair

I always look forward to Qing Ming. This year it fell on 4 April (or is it 5 April?). I know that Chinese schools declared Friday a holiday. But most working people would visit their ancestors’ graves on a weekend. I never miss going for Qing Ming even though I have to wake up really early (missed last year’s though as my maternal grandma passed away).
This morning, I was up at 5.30am and reached my paternal grandma’s home by 6.15 only to find half the household still getting ready! As with all the years before, we were going to visit 3 ancestors: my great grandpa, my grandpa and my grand-aunt. Luckily all are located within the Mount Erskine area.

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