Nasi Campur and Other Langkawi Eats

I brought along my Flavours’ Good Food Guide to Langkawi because I did not know what to expect, food-wise. Yes I know. The last time I used it for Petaling Street, I wasn’t very impressed. The recommendations did not live up to my expectations but then again, I am consoled by the fact that ALL Penangites consider themselves little food experts. Only Penang food is good enough for us food critics. One good indicator of good food in Penang is this: is the place still around after 1 year? If it closes shop within a year, everyone knows why. The food was below par!
Anyway, here are some of the places our friends took us to when we were in Langkawi two weeks ago (This is just Part 1…. Part 2 is coming up).

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Are You Ready for Heritage Heboh?

Nic and I toddled along for last Saturday’s sneak preview of Heritage Heboh at ABN-Amro. I didn’t know what to expect. After all, I had said yes to Vern because I was curious about this Heritage Heboh event. And Vern was very excited, from the way she wrote about it. (Actually dear Vern is part of this major event, which is one of the many cultural events and performances held in conjunction with the Malaysian Citrawarna celebrations).

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With Love, From Japan

The story was simple. It was about family, love, and a young girl’s memory of growing up as a 14 year old in a typical Japanese suburb where she says “nothing ever happens”. Boredom probably causes some people to murder others and bury them in concrete, she surmises.
Sugina is fresh-faced and adorable (kawaii comes to mind) but she is also a typical teenager. Living with her mother and stepfather in a pretty and orderly Japanese middle-class community, she notes that her life is quite mundane.

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