Speedballs, Snapballs

I’m really a practical person so all this gizmos and gadgets especially computer gizmos don’t appeal to me.
On the flip side, Nic loves his In-Tech pullout, he adores his Mac mini and he must drop by the Apple Centre (now called Switch) either in Queensbay or Gurney Plaza each time he’s there. It’s like some sort of voodoo place for Mac groupies. They get so hyped up in that shop. And let’s not talk about those Mac User Group sessions at Hardwicke Mansion. My Dutch friend flies in probably 2x a year to attend and learn stuff (and also, get cheaper Mac stuff, methinks, compared to the euro-pricing in Holland).

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My Favourite Beef Kueh Teow at Beach Street

I’ve been meaning to write about this favourite beef kueh teow for a long time now but each time, I get too greedy about eating the kueh teow that I forget to snap photos!
Beef noodle fans
I got to know this corner coffeeshop thanks to a good pal who said the beef kueh teow here was superbly good. And like all recommendations, I had to try it. And damn, I got hooked!

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Make Your Own Yogurt

I learnt how to make yogurt from my yoga teacher many years ago. I still keep in touch with Dada Lalitesh whenever he is back in Malaysia because he’s always a fount of knowledge about philosophy and books and of course, yoga asanas! He’s the first person I’d refer to if I have some niggling doubt about yoga which I have been practising for the past 6 years.

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