120 Malaysians, 1 Hope, 0 Money

Among all the artistes in this video, Ning’s my fave. But then again, I’ve always liked her vocal power. The lyrics are kind of strange but the chorus gets my nod for being the right sort. The sort which sticks in your head and plays itself over and over.
March 8, 2008 has changed Malaysians in such gratifying ways. We’re much more hopeful of a better, more vibrant, more transparent Malaysia for Malaysians.
And yes, this song sings of our newfound hope.
120 Malaysian artistes who gave their time to sing this song and pro bono too.
“Here in my home….I tell you what it’s all about…” Sing on, Malaysia!

Enter the Big Mac Contender

You know the recent McDonalds’ Big Mac Chant? The one where you get a free Big Mac when you successfully do the Big Mac Chant under 4 seconds?
Well, Jian Ming‘s currently our intern at Redbox Studio and she loves a good challenge and she wants to marry both her video skills and her super fast chanting (this gal can chant better than anyone I know).
It was something that came up suddenly and we thought, hey why not support this creative gal and help her film the video at our Sungai Dua McDonalds around dinner time last night. We did this for a laugh and a chuckle last night (ya, nothing gets the ideas and adrenaline going like a looming deadline… like today’s the deadline for the video submission) and we hope she really wins the judges’ hearts and win the biggie, RM10K offered for the best video.
Of course, voting is needed so if you could, pretty please go and vote for her video. Of course, you need to register first when you get to the Nuffnang website.
I’m probably partial but I think her video has to be one of the funniest, best edited ones ever.
Way to go, Jian Ming!
Oh, must add a huge disclaimer – she really isn’t that ‘lan si’ in real life (she’s acting in the video my friends). Yes, I can vouch that she’s utterly sweet and self-effacing.
The theme song is specially dedicated to Derek, my BBC friend. And Kenny Sia, if you’re pinged with this, jangan marah ye! After all, Nic’s 100 per cent Sarawakian… agi idup agi ngelaban. 😉
Yup, the things we do in the office! But what’s life if it’s not lived fun and fabulously right?
What do you all think of the video? Can win RM10K or not?

Orchid Love

Got up this morning only to realise I had promised Kanda, the chairman of Malaysian Nature Society, that I’d be dropping off some stuff for their jumble sale next Sunday. (If you go to the MNS Jumble sale on 1 June, you will see some of my stuff there! Eeek! I can imagine someone walking around wearing some baju of mine!)
We reached MNS at the Botanic Garden just in time to see him locking the gate. Thank god he was still around and we managed to drop off our old clothes, knick-knacks, old books and CD jewel cases (plenty of those).
Nic and I had nothing planned for the morning except maybe grab some brunch but we spied some horticultural event happening not far from the MNS premises. Anything horticultural is my cup of teh tarik. I love plants. I love flowers. I consider myself rather good at nurturing plants.

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Favourite Makan Places Around Sg Dua

Update: I decided to update this post a bit as I have some new makan places to add.
I have been living in this Sungai Dua area since 1994.
That was the year I entered university.
And that means I have been living in this area for about 14 years.
And that means I have been eating around this area for 14 years.
Which is a long time. Grrrr! I don’t know if that’s good or bad…
So suddenly I think: ya, actually I eat a lot around this area and I know some lovely and affordable places to eat. Not only Chinese food. I think this post was partly induced by Derek who asked me where else to eat porridge besides the one he goes to in Bukit Jambul. (Yes, Derek, I’ve tried that porridge place – Nic’s fave place to go for stewed pig ears and fatty pork! I just can’t stand the humidity and dirt of that shop.)
OK, so here goes.

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Blinking Once, Twice…

I woke up thinking I wanted to write about my heros, Indiana Jones, David Archuleta and David Cook (what dishyness!) but got sidetracked because I read the papers. (Side note: I think Archuleta will win but Cook is a real looker!)
I often read the papers at the end of the day, when I cannot be riled up much. Sometimes though I forget and start flipping through the day’s news and then I get pissed off.
Pissed off at the news.

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Saucyness is Good for the Soul

(Wrote this the Monday right after the Penang World Music Fest but hadn’t had time to post it up plus I had to resize photos too to add in.)
I had an interesting weekend (but I think one should always have interesting weekends, don’t you think? Life’s too capricious for boring weekends anyway).

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