How to File Your Income Tax, the e-Filing way

If you have been using the e-Filing way to submit your income tax last year, this year should be no different. In fact, it should be even easier since you’ve done it.
It's tax season again! Let's file our taxes.
Remember if you’re an employee, you have about 7 days left before the income tax deadline of 30 April 2008. If you’re a business owner, you still have 67 days left – your deadline is 30 June 2008.
I decided to beat my own record. Last year I submitted via e-Filing on 25 April so this year, I am filing it on 24 April. I know I should have done it much earlier but you know, who wants to do income tax stuff, really? That’s like the most boring thing ever.
But boring or not, don’t wait till last minute.
As we know with Malaysia Boleh-ness, the computer system MIGHT jam up, hang or die on you as you are filing it on the eve of the deadline itself. In fact, when I submitted it online just now, the damn thing ‘died’ on me. Server error lah, processing error lah. But keep on refreshing the page. Or like me, open multiple tabs! It’s better this year as you can do it in Firefox. Last year, it only allowed IE which meant if you accidentally opened it in Firefox, it would hang miserably. And hitherto, you need to start all over again. No wonder people didn’t trust the online tax filing method.
So if you’re planning to submit your e-Filing in these few days and worry about whether it is a trustworthy system, well, it is. It is much faster and if you’ve done it last year, all your personal details will be filled up for you.
It’s not complicated at all (most elderly folks are scared they won’t understand a thing because they don’t read BM). Never fear. There’s the English version if your BM is rusty. Otherwise this is the page to go to to do your income tax filing, the online way.
Assuming you did your e-Filing last year, this is how you do it this year. Even I forgot so now that I remembered, let this be a community service message to everyone.
Step 1
The first step is to locate your Digicert. It’s probably somewhere in your computer. Go dig it out. If it is not in this PC, maybe it’s in the other laptop. Whatever it is, find it and put it on the PC that you’ll be using to e-file your income tax. UPDATE: A helpful reader, SylBilasSys commented this: “Actually, for this year we do not require Digital Certificate since IRB manage to implement new technology called “Roaming PKI”. The digital Cert. will store on Hardware Security Module in Server Side.That’s why u don’t need to find digital cert. store in Local Computer”. This means unlike last year, you don’t have to locate your DigiCert anymore. Thanks Syl!
Step 2
Next, your password. Very important, this. No password, no e-filing. If you forgot, never mind.You can reset the password. When you’ve reset it, write it down somewhere, preferably the same paper which you will file up with the rest of the hardcopy income tax stuff. Next year you won’t repeat the forgetting fiasco again. Promise yourself. (To reset your password, go to “Terlupa Kata Laluan” – the left bar – on
Step 3
Now you can start. I started by verifying my Digital Certificate (yes, refer to Malaysia Bolehness factor… I don’t like surprises so I check first before I start).
Click on Verify Digital Certificate/Semak Sijil Digital. Key in your IC number and it will tell you if you’re good to go. When you see “Your Digital Certificate Is Valid For Use” or “Sijil Digital Anda Adalah Sah”, you can click on “Login e-Borang”.
Step 4
Choose the category you’re in such as e-BE (for those who are employees) or e-B (for business owners) or e-M, etc. Then log in. Strangely you will be asked again for your IC number and yes, the all important password.
Step 5
You will then see the e-Borang online. Fill up as you would the regular paper borang. The cool thing is that you don’t need your trusty calculator now. The system calculates it all for you.
Step 6
Finally you get to “tandatangan” or sign off digitally. Next up, you will be asked if you agree to pay the taxed amount where you will be prompted for your IC number and password again. Of course you ‘setuju’. Otherwise this whole thing will be an exercise in futility. Duh!
Step 7
For safekeeping, print out the Borang B or Borang BE (in PDF) and the ‘slip pengesahan’ which tells you how much you owe the Government.
Step 8
Tomorrow, go to the bank and bank-in over the counter the amount owed. Or pay online if you wish.
How to ascertain they’ve got your form
Once you have submitted it online, you won’t be allowed to log in to your 2007 e-Borang anymore. You will see this message: “Assessment Form 2007 Has Been Received. Please Go to ‘Verification Check’ For Further Information.” That is the confirmation you need (in case you still have sleepless nights after this). You can click on “Print Form Acknowledgement” (again, to be found on the left of the webpage), key in your IC number and password and you can then print out the “Pengesahan Penerimaan” for keeps.
In case you’re lost, you need info…
Of course, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri has some PDFs you can read through if you’re totally lost. It helps that the PDFs have screenshots which makes it all easier to understand. One up for usability.
So go and file your income tax immediately. The faster you do it, the less harassed and stressed you’d be. And you get to enjoy your weekend too.
Or if you get really pissed/confused, just call the e-Filing Customer Service Centre at 1-300-88-3010 or 03-4289 3535.

14 thoughts on “How to File Your Income Tax, the e-Filing way”

  1. I finally submitted my income tax via E-filing for assessment year 2007… YIPPEE!. I signed up for it way back in the year 2006 when it was first introduced as I am an advocate of ‘convenience’ and all for technological advancement. However, the Company where I worked in and has internet connectivity somehow placed a Firewall which did not permit any transaction via e-filing. Finally, I have since moved on and this company is more flexible. It is such a breeze to do e-filing honestly. No pages and pages of BE form to be filled manually and being manual, obviously the calculation is as such too. Do it soon (cos I can expect the rush, the system freeze due to high volume of activity etc), cos you won’t regret it. Even paid my excess online and merely printed the receipt.

  2. Hi Kate: Yes, isn’t it more convenient than messing about with traditional borang? The LDHN should get people like us to espouse the virtues of e-Filing. Most people are worried that it may not be filed correctly and then they pay the price. I would really encourage everyone to try e-Filing. One of the simplest things to do anyway! Or maybe some people just are afraid of change!

  3. Hi,
    I need to clarify on Step 1 as u mention above. Actually, for this year we do not required Digital Certificate since IRB manage to implement new technology called “Roaming PKI”. The digital Cert. will store on Hardware Security Module in Server Side.That’s why u don’t need to find digital cert. store in Local Computer.

  4. hi, i wonder if you can help me out, i have to do my tax return B2007 for my own business, this is my first year of business, i havent got any tax ref and PIN, dont know how to fill in the blanks.
    Hope i wont bother you too much.

  5. Hi Simon: If it’s your first year in business, you would have to wait for next year to file your tax returns. The taxes which we file for this year is based on last year’s income. If LHDN sends you the (hard copy) Borang B, you would have the tax reference number quoted on it.

  6. thanks Maya, mm, i registered my business in april 2007, so you mean i have to wait for tax office to send me the hard copy of form B with tax ref, then i consider to do the income tax? just afriad to miss the deadline, pls reply, many thanks

  7. Derek’s system: Get a wife is super obsessive withe control; & let her do it…
    …or does that make me sound like a doormat!?!?

  8. Hi Simon
    In that case, yes, you have to file your taxes. Just call up LHDN and check if you have a tax account with them.
    Hi D: No, that’s very smart of you. 😉

    • Hi Ida: Good that this info is useful to you. I believe you can print out the current year’s BE form once you have filed it but I am unsure if you can access the previous years’ BE forms. I got sick and tired of doing my own filing so I have delegated the task to my accountant. He now handles all my filing for me so there could be new changes but I am afraid I can’t be of much help now. Do ask friends who are accountants. They should be the most updated folks this income tax season.

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