6 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Writer?”

  1. Thank you for sharing! Aside from what I did at school in Malaysia, I have never really looked into how to write better.
    The websites you suggested are helpful and I will certainly be visiting them.

  2. Grace: Thanks. Here’s a couple more resources on writing which I sometimes use.
    Thesaurus : http://thesaurus.reference.com
    Mindmapping tool: http://www.mind42.com
    Copywriting resources:
    You can also find more by going to del.icio.us and searching for ‘writing’.
    Cleffairy: You’re a good writer! I’m always learning from you too.
    Vern: Haha, I think so. Will let you know soon 😉

  3. The most important thing is empathy. You have to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. View what you have written from an impartial angle – which means NOT as the originator of that piece of writing. Ask yourself salient questions: Is it interesting? Does it tell the reader something which makes it worth his trouble and time? Is the style smooth and easily digestible? Does the reader have to scratch his head and wonder what the heck it is you’re trying to say? Does it insult his intelligence? In short, do unto others as you would have others do unto you – and you won’t go wrong.

    • Simon – You are spot on. Empathy is the key to good writing. And if I may add, self-awareness too. Most people write without a thought for their audience. They write in a vacuum and hope someone, anyone, reads it. Good writing takes a lot of thinking and feeling.


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