Cursed Brilliance

While I try to keep my blog lighthearted and full of fun banter, it’s sometimes difficult to be like that when I read news about brilliance coming to nought.
This morning, I read about Math prodigy Sufiah Yusof whom according to a report, has now turned to prostitution. What saddened me most was the last line in the report “…her gift has been a curse”.
When I turned to tell Nic this, he simply said that being gifted and being a genius was as bad as being on the other extreme of the intellectual scale. It is an abnormality because having a high IQ doesn’t mean one automatically becomes great in all spheres of life. Life is truly tough for those whose intellectual giftedness borders on superhuman ability.

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Give Me (Back) My Mouth

This is something I got in my email from Beth Yahp. I took a travel writing class under Beth last year and sometimes she emails us her insights about Malaysia. Here’s her piece about the elections. She’s referring to the front page of NST, which shows a picture of a woman’s face with the mouth ‘erased’ and the headline “No Representation, No Voice”. That’s what riled her to pen this piece.

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