Prose and Poetry in Cat City

This is quite late a post but I have very limited Internet access in Kuching. Don’t ask me why. It’s either some bloody dial-up (which works not) or have to go to a cafe with wifi access. Going to Kuching can be quite trying for me, at times. I wrote this post on 3 Aug which was the day the event was held, so read on (I shall stop being so grumpy today).
Stories about Backstreet Boys, a sea witch who seeks to break her own spell, corny love poems, Freddy and his 3-horned, 8-legged monster of a cow, the anguish of waiting for a love that never comes and the story of a wild boar piglet called Pumba reared in suburban Kuching – these and more were the creative expressions of a bunch of Kuchingites who shared on a Sunday afternoon at Bing, a coffee place in the heart of Kuching’s Chinatown (also known as Padungan).

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Coffee, Curry Puffs & Robert

If you are a fan of Robert Raymer and his books, you’ll be pleased to know that Robert will be in KL on 26 July to launch his newly published book, Lovers & Strangers Revisited under MPH.
Robert used to be my creative writing teacher when I was in USM. He read one of my soppiest stories ever. That piece still makes me cringe if I re-read it.
And now he is our client. What a strange way fate brings people together.
We’ve now become firm friends and pop by to visit him and his family whenever we get to Kuching, Nic’s hometown.
Anyway, don’t fret if you can’t make it for Robert’s KL reading. He will be here in Penang, at the Penang Street Market on 31 August to sign books and read from his new book (pssst.. this is how his new book looks like).
Check out Eric Forbes’ blog for more info on Robert’s book launch and more. (Eric is a book editor by the way.)