What a Week

I’ve had a terribly eventful week last week and that’s why I wasn’t around to blog. Yes, sometimes the blogger in me just has too much on the plate or have run around too much!
I had a lovely 3-hour dinner with Vern last week and I made her blog about the scrumptious pork ribs we had while Nic was away on a business trip to Langkawi. (Yes, yes, sometimes we gals need to have some TIME OUT. I recommend this heartily to all married women out there.)
And I even loaned her my trusty Canon point-and-shoot. I told her I wasn’t going to blog about it again (in case you missed out on my pork rib adventures, you can re-read it here.)
It’s amazing how our friendship has turned out, all thanks to blogging. We met as blogging pals but we’re more face-to-face pals these days. We loan each other books, she loans me her eclectic CDs and we like to suss out eating nooks. Ah, perfect friendship right?
The yummy ending to our nice little gals’ night out was that Vern’s mom gave me some truly delicious cakes – homemade of course. So I pigged out (OK lah, I waited for Nic to come home on Friday evening) with Nic on the baked goodies.
Also, before Vern and I went out for dinner, we had actually met about 5 days earlier (which was last Saturday during the Penang Island Jazz Festival at the Bayview Beach Resort). As I said, I was busy with emceeing the Mensa Penang’s scholarship talk so I really had no time to go get the tickets for the jazz festival.
Fortunately I have Vern! Yes, the lifesaver that she is, she called me up on Saturday morning and told me she’d get the tix. All she and u-jean needed was a ride to the venue. I must say we had a rocking good time – it gave us a chance to talk and laugh and count stars! We were mesmerized by Nah Youn Sun’s scatting, we were a bit puzzled by Co co Zhao and his Posicabilities group but we were up and dancing by the time Bangkok Connection came on around 11-ish.
You can read a truly hilarious post of the jazz fest here (aiyah, u-jean did a great job so why re-invent the wheel yah?). And u-jean is rather cool because she was in the midst of her STPM when she joined us for the jazz fest. I figured she must be really confident and have very confident parents too.
And to cap the whole week, I had my lovely early Xmas lunch with my WomenBizSENSE ladies last Friday. That I think I will keep as a separate blog post for sometime this week. It comes with photos and even a video of some ladies carolling and we raised quite a tidy sum for Persatuan SLE Malaysia.
During this lunch, I realised that I involve myself in a number of things for the sheer heck of it. Sheer pleasure. Organising lunches and lucky draws aren’t everyone’s favourite things to do but I actually enjoyed them. I enjoyed being a hostess (with the mostest haha) and I enjoy putting events together for others.
Hmmm, food for thought really isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “What a Week”

  1. I JJJJUUUUSSSSTTTT finished meeting up with Vern in The Curve and we had a splendid time! As usual, she says ‘Eh, it’s weird that you and Krista know each for long already, how come never meet up wan ah?”
    Don’t you think it’s time to meet up already? I am due to Penang soon, please answer your cell phone! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL
    And one more thing, how come I cannot join your networking group wan? Can I start a spinoff here in KL/PJ then we can make it bigger rite or not? Eh, this one serious wan ah…..

  2. Hey Marsha: Wah, Vern is becoming the celeb huh. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes la, each time we want to meet some things come up. Errrr. If you wanna meet up with me next week, can… sometime next Thurs boleh? I’ll be going home to see my parents for a bit la haha. I’ll be in Banting dear. Of course you can join the networking group. Yah, you start the PJ chapter la. I’ll tell Jo – she’ll be sooooo pleased! Wooooo WomenBizSENSE is going down to the Klang Valley. Call me at my mobile…. can’t disclose it here but if you sms Vern, she’ll let you know my number (in case you’ve lost it or forgotten!). Merry Christmas to you!

  3. *ah choo*! who speaks of the great Vern? LOL! Ya ya, you two young ladies should really meet up soon – I can only imagine that 24hours isn’t enough for you two to chit chat! ๐Ÿ˜›


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