Early Christmas Lunch

It wasn’t so much about the food or the prizes of the lucky draw. It was about bringing two events together – our WomenBizSENSE Christmas lunch for members and our fundraiser for Persatuan SLE Malaysia.
We decided to use our Christmas lunch affair to do something meaningful for Persatuan SLE Malaysia.
Nancy, one of our members, is helping them launch the Penang chapter for lupus patients and we had a brainwave – why not raise funds for the Penang chapter while we’re having a good time capping the year?
And so, we did. We raised (tadaaaaa) a princely sum of RM750 last Friday!
It’s amazing what a group of ladies can do if we put our minds to it. We chose Persatuan SLE because lupus affects women mostly and it’s a very low profile disease. In fact, some 90% lupus patients are women.
As a women’s group, Jo and I felt that it was the right thing to do. We had all of 1 month to plan it and out went the SMSes and emails and of course, me and my blog.
Not bad considering it was such a touch-and-go idea!
Thanks to everyone who contributed from the heart, especially to 2 of my “angels” in KL. Alison, grateful thanks for your donation. And Rona, thank you dear for your contribution – your handmade jewellery set will be a delight to any woman who wears them! I heard that a friend of Nancy’s won your jewellery set!
We had more than 30 items for our lucky draw last week and everyone went home with an item or two. We had carolling too, midway through our lunch. Pam cheerfully took up her guitar and led us all to sing a number of Christmas carols to set the mood for the holiday season.
I am grateful to everyone who attended, from our new members to our regular members. Even those who could not attend bought the lucky draw tickets and supported us in so many ways.
Thank you to all and may you all be doubly blessed! And now, enjoy the photos of our little ladies’ lunch – and see if you can spot me!

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  1. You flatter me to….ooooo much.. I am now blushing virtually. It was also a brain wave to contribute something for a good cause. And what better than something from my latest pet project-jewellery making. It was also to take my creativity to a forefront, a revelation of sorts that I could actually come up with a piece of extraordinare..Just wondering if there was a confusion between Kate and Rona and as to who is the person in real and who is the alter ego ๐Ÿ™‚


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