A Super Weekend

This weekend is pretty exciting because a number of events are happening.
There’s the Penang Jazz Festival at the Bayview Beach Resort which I have never attended but I hope to (let’s see if I can still get tickets!). I’ve been rather tardy – been meaning to get the tickets for the past 2 weeks but somehow with so much to do, it sort of slipped my mind.
Then there’s my jewellery-making class tomorrow morning which is Part 3 of a 4-session class. Tomorrow Lee Min’s teaching us how to make rings from Swarovski crystals. Should be fun as I am very much a ring gal. We’ve made ear rings and pendants before this. Not easy but the end products are always admired, despite some not so perfect wiring work!
And right after that I will be emceeing a free talk organised by Mensa Penang at the Caring Society Complex.
The speaker, Chen Chow, is coming all the way from KL to give a talk on how to get a scholarship to study in the USA. Some of you may have seen the announcement in The Star (Metro North pullout). The talk has received such overwhelming response, especially from parents and of course, teenagers who want to find out more how to go overseas without breaking their budget.
I met Chen Chow about 2 years ago during a Mensa dinner (Nic is a Mensa Penang Committee Member so yeah, I get to tag along to their functions – usually they’re makan-makan and bowling). He was one of the many KL Mensans who came to Penang on their makan-makan drive up north (he’s a Penangite but that didn’t stop him from eating his way up either.)
Anyway, Chen Chow has been kind enough to volunteer his time to present his talk tomorrow. As I told him, even I AM INTERESTED and I am past that stage of going abroad to study! The 120 seats for the talk are all snapped up, thanks to The Star regularly publishing the talk details.
And of course, on Sunday morning, a few of my friends will be showcasing their products at the annual IWA Christmas Charity Bazaar which is happening from 10am to 3pm at the Bayview Beach Resort.
There’s Erina with her baked goods such as stollen, fruit cakes, special muffins and low fat cookies. There’s Grace with her tantalizing array of Vietnamese bags, handmade Xmas cards, cinnamon sandals, wooden sandals and silk lamps. And then there’s Jo’s baby and children’s educational toys, LED lights and coconut oil products such as soaps and creams.
So there. That’s a truly packed weekend. Getting breathless just tapping that out!
And tonight, I’ll be attending a Dhamma talk by His Holiness 7th Phakchok Rinpoche of the Rangjung Yeshe Buddhist Society Penang. I’ve attended his previous talk and found him to be rather endearing!
He’s smart and witty and his Dhamma talks are not sermons at all. Like other cheerful Tibetan monks, Rinpoche gives very good advice on how to live one’s life, here and now. Tonight’s topic is on Common & Uncommon Sense which I am raring to listen to. Some people might like to attend Puja’s (as some of my friends are keen about) but Dhamma talks are what I go for.
I don’t advertise the fact that I’m Buddhist because religion tends to make people maniacal. People form factions due to these type of differences. And of course, some people think that if you seem like you don’t look religious or speak about your own religion much, you are prime meat for a dose of zealous proselytizing.
Anyway, let’s not get into that which I can go on and on about. It’s going to be a super weekend and I’m definitely going to enjoy this weekend of mine!

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  1. I was very very tired! I came home after the jazz fest around 2am and slept off….never managed to go for the IWA charity bazaar! Too long a drive, esp after the drive to and fro the night before. I wished IWA had it at its old venue, Sandy Bay Paradise like last year. Easier for us non-Tg Bungah people to get there la.


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