A Blessed Honour

First of all, a huge thank you and shout-out to my wise old lady friend, Vern! Thanks for making me numero uno on your list – this is the second list I am honoured to be on, what with Dean Hua’s 2007 kickoff list (I promised him I’d start my own and I will, Dean, I will!).
I have been truly blessed with so many amazing friends, blogger pals, business mentors and great clients over the years that I’ve been online (since starting my blog in 2002!). I’ve met some amazing people online who have turned out to be even better in person.
I’m grateful for your friendships and care.
I mean, where in the world do you get pals who ring me up to ask me if I am OK when I go MIA from my own blog? Rona dear, thank you for the years of being with me online and off. Thanks for your craziness too. It keeps me sane! LOL.
Vern, you have been someone I wished I was when I was your age. Confident, full of life and yet, so utterly practical and level-headed. Plus I know Georgetown will be a better place with you heritage youths around. I know it.
Marsha, the friend of my friend but who ended up an online friend. You knew me from my i-asianwomen days (what, has it been so long! Man I feel old!). She’s another madhatter like moi truly. I can’t believe she’s a mom of two. She has enough sassiness to last her a lifetime!
Lydia! You are my writing inspiration. You encourage me to strive for the impossible because you are living proof that writers can make a living in Malaysia.
Dean is someone who I met in 2004 when I was socially networking my way through cyberspace. He’s witty and honest and won’t beat around the bush. He’s also the person whom I am always learning from be it his specialty, networking, or just exchanging cross-cultural ideas with.
Josephine, my partner in crime for WomenBizSENSE, the networking group we both started last year. I’ve also known her for so many years now and each time, the friendship gets sweeter and better. And we get wicked-er! (Er, is there such a word ah?)
Lisa, you are my foodie friend. I’m grateful for the many eating sessions we have had the past year and the personal sharing we’ve had. I hope you won’t leave Penang so soon but if your destiny calls for it, I hope you will come back to the Pearl of the Orient and we can do more eating!
Karen, my ex-colleague, my good friend, my little ‘sister’ of sorts. You made this list because I’ve groused and moaned and groaned with you throughout our last stint together. We’ve seen the good and the bad (haha) and we’re still friends. Remember those 5 am flights we took together? And those bitching sessions?
Fabian, you have been my source of Catholic inspiration and info. I am so glad we met when we did and I think you’re one of the most down to earth people I know. Through you. I understand theology more (and how to recognise a good whisky and what good coffee is!) and have a keener sense of appreciation of all faiths. I may not be a Christian or Catholic but our friendship transcends religion, yes? That’s the beauty of it my friend.
Dada Laliteshnanda, my yoga teacher, my good friend, my movie/book guru. You have taught me more than just yoga asanas, you have taught me how to see the world and how to appreciate each day. You’ve taught me that there are no absolutes in life, and how we are greater than we think we are.
Sunny, mabuhay! I have not known you for long but it feels like you have been my soul sista for ages. And love your business and marketing sense! Admire your energy and wise words and the insightful blogging you do regularly. And yes, darling, we are stars on Colin’s Mentors 4 Startups forum! A bit of glamour in our lives eh?
Auntie Regina Diaz and Uncle Mike (Annyeong haseyo!), thank you both for your love and care during my turbulent times. You both have been my pillars of strength and I’ve grown to appreciate our lovely relationship the older I grow. And yes, for introducing me to Fatty Loh Chicken Rice at Fettes Park too!
Li Jin, you have been my nuttiest friend for so long – we’ve bickered, we’ve had cold wars, we’ve made up and yet, we’re stronger than ever. I admire your never-say-die attitude and you should blog, you know since you are a writer.
Dr Gitu, you were my fiercest supporter and also my biggest critic during my agonizing thesis-writing days. But the lessons I learnt from you improved my writing, my logic and my way of life. I write with more clarity, I write with a sense of responsibility and I write from the heart. And no regrets about taking my Masters, for sure.
I can go on and on and on but I shall not bore you to tears. These people (and lots more actually) have made my life more colourful and extremely meaningful.
Thank you for enriching my life.

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  1. No problem, my dear. A friend is someone who dares to tell us the negative and yet not afraid of the repercussions it may bring. Once a friend, always a friend. How can I ever remain crazy without my side-kick? And no prizes for the correct guess. Thanks a zillion for the company you and Nic gave when I was in Penang….. if only we had more time to catch up… too much, too much. Kudos to the great minds think alike, crazy fools seldom differ.


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