Island Glades – Penang Curry Mee Secret

I am going to tell you about our favourite Penang curry mee stall because all other curry mee I’ve tasted out there really cannot compare to Auntie’s. Also I think it’s time Auntie got recognition for her absolutely fair value curry noodles. Very fair value as you will see.
Oh sure, someone we know will tell us about this amazing curry mee or that curry mee here and there. But wait till you taste THIS curry mee. It’ll blow your socks off. Or pantyhoses.

Chockfull of ingredients…where can you find ingredients piled so high that you can’t even see the noodles?
Nic and I have been her fans for the past five years now. Yes, it’s been OUR secret for the past five years. My ex-colleagues also wax lyrical over this 70-something-year-old’s curry mee.
Of course it’s not healthy to eat curry mee all the time (especially curry mee with so much of evil stuff like santan, blood cockles and pig blood). But there’s something about this curry mee that lures us again and again. Or it could be these 3 reasons:
1. It is the cheapest ever – RM2 for small, RM2.50 for big. Small is big so be warned.
2. Packed with lots of good stuffs – cockles (‘see hum’), prawns, pig blood, tau pok, cuttlefish, mint leaves, lots of mee and meehoon and of course, kickass sambal.
3. Her curry soup is so good that you’ll want to slurp it all down till the last drop.
In other places, you get a miserly portion of curry mee with no ‘liao’. No prawns at all. Sometimes all you get is tau pok and some fish cake slices. Want prawns? Have to add extra RM1.
Auntie gives you hearty portions even if you order small. Her big curry mee can be shared between 2 small eaters. But then again, one taste of her curry mee will make you a true blue fan. How to share?
Anyway, you can take-away or eat there. It’s a house porch so seating is limited unless you go early. It’s best to eat there because she’s also quite friendly and will regale you with stories of her travels (an adventurous soul she is! This woman has been to places, I tell you!).

Go say hello to Auntie for us if you eat there!
How to get there:
Her address is Number 9, Lorong Delima, Island Glades. It is a blue house on your left as you drive down the hilly area to the traffic lights of Jln Yeap Chor Ee intersection (where you see Mutiara Court apartments on your right). If you see cars parked along the road, most likely they are customers. She opens only for breakfast.
She opens most days but runs out of curry mee around 10-ish in the morning. So go early and grab a bowl! During festive seasons or school holidays, she goes off for a break with her grandchildren and children.

13 thoughts on “Island Glades – Penang Curry Mee Secret”

  1. emmm, penang curry mee. if u had nt mentioned it, i’d hv forgotten abt it too. yeah, it’s quite special. those ingredient et all. but still slightly sweet.
    without prejudice..still prefer my hometown’s. not being racist, most nicer curries r from chinese dont u think so? even nasi lemaks.

  2. Hi UnkaLeong: Aiyo. Now I have to divulge 5 things about myself! How do I live this up? Yours was interesting though. Who would’ve thought you’re such a vainpot!
    Matrianklw: Ooooh, you must go and try and tell me your verdict. I can be quite biased since I know Auntie.
    Vern: Eh, you go too. You eat and tell me if it’s as good as I think it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stop drooling on my blog woman!
    Hensemkeat: Excuse me, since when did your hometown come out tops in the curry mee category huh? Stop waxing about BKK and write about your hometown food. No, the nicer curries are the real mamak curries. Have you tasted Indian curries (no, not the type you had in India!) but Malaysian Indian curries? Nyonya curries maybe but not curry curries.

  3. Hi UnkaLeong: It depends on how cooperative these friends of mine are! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Vern: Go try the curry mee and tell me how you like it.
    D: Yah, I know. Nic told me that and coincidentally I decided to spill the beans on Auntie’s curry mee. Well, I always pride myself on being a Penangite and you know where the best food comes from right? Definitely NOT Kuching. That place is good for kolo mee and Sarawak laksa perhaps but when it comes to REAL food, you need the real deal. And that’s Penang my dear. ……And yes Keatix, don’t you say Kampar food again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. We’ve seen the stall but never ever got down to stopping to have a bowl :o). It’s so true how people miss good stuff in their own backyard. Thanks for sharing.


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