The Book of Me

And no, I am not being narcissistic LOL.
Dotty, as always, remembers my birthday with such thoughtful gifts that I am sometimes quite embarrassed! Of course it makes me feel special and honoured. Each time, without fail, something arrives in the post.
Thanks Dotty – for always being there. I know how odd this must seem for both of us, that we’ve never met, not even once and yet we are the best of penpals in this digital, Facebook, Twitter age.
I love “The Book of ME…A Do-It-Yourself Memoir”. I promise to write down all those honest and crazy things about myself so that I can cackle over them when I am 80!

And of course, who can forget the quirky card with a cow looking cute and sleepy at the same time?
Dotty – you outdo yourself each year.
Thanks for everything, pal! And yes makan-makan we must!

2 thoughts on “The Book of Me”

  1. hey…the pleasure is all mine. it’s good to share something with someone as special and unique as you are! nanti kita pegi makan-makan, okay? muah!!

    • Dearest Dotty! I haven’t started writing anything yet because I am so afraid of ruining it. I was thinking of writing it in pencil haha so that if event I make a mess I can erase and write again. But thank you for the gifts that you’ve been giving me for all these years. In return I feel that what I’ve given you isn’t that spectacular even. This time when I get to KL, I will look you up. We WILL go for our makan-makan. And it is my treat, ok?


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