Giving Tummy A Holiday

Langkawi is always a good getaway from the busy-ness and business of Penang for a while. Even if I do visit clients when I’m on that little island.
But I’m back.
I got back on Sunday evening, just in time to catch the first night F1 race that was held in Singapore. Of course, the race was full of dramatic events, race cars crashing to the side, Ferrari running off with the petrol hose stuck to its behind, lollipop men not making appearances, strange stuff. I thought Singapore was jinxed. Much as I detest saying this (I’m Malaysian OK and most Malaysians have this love-hate relationship with Singapore), I think that little island state has created much success and anticipation for this night race.
Which means Sepang F1 has to really up its standard.
The whole of this week was really short – since yesterday and today are technically public holidays due to Hari Raya Aidilfitri. So there are just 3 days to the week.
But the moment I got back from Langkawi and the moment I got into the office, it’s like super speed work all the way. I’m sure most of my pals are sick and tired of me going “Busy” each time they IM me. Sorry la folks. This week’s been crazy. *embarrassed*
So I was mighty happy to have a bit of a rest with the Raya holidays. And catch my breath. I spent all of yesterday doing nothing remotely business-like.
I took off for a long lunch with Vern at Island Red Cafe at Krystal Point. That place reminds me too much of Old Town Kopitiam. It’s awful to be a copycat of a more bustling eatery. The food was slow in reaching our table and we had to remind them that they still owed us our 2 chicken chops.
I heard from my sis that it’s a franchise. The place has sofas and PCs with Internet access. It attracted quite a crowd but again, it could be that Penangites love the kopi tiam concept. (My sis says the food is a lot cheaper than Old Town. Hence, it attracts frugal Penangites. Maybe.)
Later that evening, I popped by my Grandma’s to meet up with my parents and sis for some vegetarian dinner. My sis is observing the Nine Emperor God Festival (which is a major festival in Penang). This means absolute vegetarian fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She doesn’t really end it with prayers at the temple (that’s what most people do) but it’s a habit she can’t shake off. Good for her, really, as I think we often eat too much meat anyway. A week of vegetarian fare is kinder to the stomach and body (I went over to Than Hsiang Temple for lunch today. Even packed home their cottony-soft pau’s for tea.)
So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing these few days. After the luxurious feasting in Langkawi (I was at The Loaf and at SunSutra, and if Wan Thai was open – it’s wasn’t – I would’ve had some Thai foo too), a little bit of vegetarianism does do me a lot of good.
Gives my tummy a rest.
Are you stuffing yourself with rendang and ketupat and lemang or are you giving your tummy a rest too?

3 thoughts on “Giving Tummy A Holiday”

  1. my in-laws opened up a new restaurant in Taipan Subang area and been stuffing my face with nasi lemak, char-kwuey-teow, asam laksa and the likes these days. kinda fun and came at the appropriate time since I’ve been losing weight (unintentionally) so…need to add on more before I start looking like one of ’em Olsen twins. eugh….

  2. @Cleffairy: It’s good you know to have vege for 9 days. I always feel really good if I go on a vege diet.
    @Marsha: Eh, you forgot to tell the name of the restaurant! Let us all busybodies know about it so we can go visit – and I can at least go around saying, eh, go try this restaurant in Taipan that’s opened by my friend’s in laws….. 😉 Penang food kah?


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