The Right Reasons

I will be off to Langkawi for the weekend.
For work. For pleasure. For food. For leisure.
For all sorts of reasons.
It’s incredible to escape to an island where the cows stare at you as you drive past in your car. Rented of course. The car, not the cows.
And as such, I won’t be blogging till I get back on Sunday.
And I will miss the Freedom Film Festival at Wawasan University this weekend. I hope u-jean will give her running commentary on what went on. Well, at least Vern and I hope she will…. haha. We’re evil gerbils.
And Margaret will be home alone for the next two days. It means she will wallop all her cat biscuits the moment we leave the apartment. She’ll try to kill my growing serai plant, thinking it’s her cat grass.
And my parents are coming to Penang.
And there’s Hari Raya holidays coming up.
And new website projects from new clients.
And my 5 items a day gratitude journal.
(Did I tell you that at the end of each day, I will write down 5 things I’m absolutely grateful for? It’s amazing how warm and fuzzy you feel once you start this exercise. Small details are no longer insignificant.)
And I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. It’s an intoxicating book about Elizabeth’s real journey to Italy, India and Indonesia to find herself. At it is, I’m one third through the book and I want to learn, no, speak Italian. I want to eat the best pizza in Naples. This book was given to me by Jana, my best pal. She knows I’m a sucker for these melodramatic, teary, infectious self journeys.
And I am now guiding and mentoring someone about blogging. We speak once a week and I am coming full circle. I am a teacher. The word sounds foreign to me. Yet that’s what I’m doing. And I am totally contented helping this young woman blog.
And I shall have lots to blog about when I get back.
You have a smashing weekend too.
As in Fabulous – as Kimora Lee Simmons always says. (I love this brash, mad, bling-frenzy woman. I love her show, KLS: Life in the Fab Lane. It’s a strange attraction!)

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