Speedballs, Snapballs

I’m really a practical person so all this gizmos and gadgets especially computer gizmos don’t appeal to me.
On the flip side, Nic loves his In-Tech pullout, he adores his Mac mini and he must drop by the Apple Centre (now called Switch) either in Queensbay or Gurney Plaza each time he’s there. It’s like some sort of voodoo place for Mac groupies. They get so hyped up in that shop. And let’s not talk about those Mac User Group sessions at Hardwicke Mansion. My Dutch friend flies in probably 2x a year to attend and learn stuff (and also, get cheaper Mac stuff, methinks, compared to the euro-pricing in Holland).
I’ve been tempted of course each time we spy the iPod. The sound is great and I know that I would love to have one, but pragmatically, I won’t find much use for it unless it is for listening to business MP3s!
Last week, Nic got himself a new notebook – a Fujitsu, in fact. (Sooooo jealous but then I still love my Sony which is like 5 years old and still [touch wood] going strong. Thank god for made in Japan products.) Like my first Sony, we bought it from House of Notebooks which has a good selection of notebooks you can touch and feel.
Of course the Fujitsu looks fantastic – it’s sleek and gorgeous. And it’s made in Japan, ya. Not those made in China laptops. I suppose we trust the Japanese more than we trust the Chinese. I try to steer clear of Chinese products because they often break down and behave erratically.
Anyway, the salesperson recommended we get some Speedballs.
Speedballs or Snapballs are little half balls which are stuck to the bottom of your notebook. They help tilt your notebook, making typing much more comfortable. Plus they raise your notebook so that heat disperses easily. This probably increases the lifespan of your notebook. They allow freestyle movement too (they’ve got this interesting FAQ going on at http://www.pwx.cc/faq.html)
The non-techie that I am, I asked innocently,”But I thought my Sony has those two leg-like contraptions which I can flip out to tilt the laptop right?”
The sales guy (I believe he’s the owner) said that yes, but these days, newer laptops don’t have those thingies anymore. Most people, even if they do have those thingies, often break them! So Speedballs are the answer.
I really thought Speedballs are a waste of money (we women tend to more practical than our husbands OK). But men, when they have their tech minds made up, are difficult to persuade. So we bought 2 pairs of Speedballs, one for my Sony and one for his new Fujitsu. Two pairs cost RM50 (original price was RM55).
I’ve got them stuck to the bottom of my Sony now even as I type. If I cart my notebook about, I can detach the Speedballs easily – they have this velcro-like snap-on, snap-off feature.
Is it cool? Yeah… for all of 5 seconds. Dispersing heat build-up? More likely.
The Speedballs website lists like a ton of benefits for these balls. You have to check this out yourself, seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if these balls are made in China. It’s not revealed on the website but that’s what I think. In no time, you’ll probably see pirated Speedballs too, given their speed for copycat stuff at low prices.

2 thoughts on “Speedballs, Snapballs”

  1. Hey! Those Speedballs are neat! Have been wanting to get one – but not anytime soon cos have just got myself a new cooling pad. Which pair of Speedballs did you get?

  2. I got the boring black ones, because my Sony is black. Actually I wanted the red ones but those came in single pairs, not double pairs. Been using them for a week now. Seems OK. But then again, my Sony has never been that “hot” 😉


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