Vote for This Baby, Yeah?

My sis called up excitedly last week, just as I was about to clock off and drag out my yoga mat for a spot of exercise.
“You know what! Vinnie has been shortlisted!” She gushed. I could hear her infectious joy coming down the line.
Vinnie is my baby niece. She’s also the baby of the family – the youngest with a face so cute everyone just wants to pinch, no, bite her chubby cheeks. She’s also my youngest sister’s baby. And she just celebrated her 1 year birthday on 6th August.
Vinnie resembles her mom. My sister, Mei, has always been a looker even from her young days. That’s why Dad had to fight off the ‘wolves’ from our gate haha. And true to her name too. Mei means pretty in Chinese. Though now she goes by her Muslim convert name, Alia – she’s still Mei to me. And she’s still my baby sister even though she’s now a mom to 2 kids!
Anyway, Vinnie, as I found out, has been picked as one of the 20 semi-finalists for the Johnson’s Baby Contest! My sister had sent in 3 photos of Vinnie via MMS and got the good news of her daughter making it to the semifinals.
Since the SMS voting just begun, everyone’s in the family has been voting like crazy so that dear Vinnie makes it to the top 10 (yes, we are a fiercely competitive family, I tell you).
From 20 babies, the judges will whittle the list down to 10 and have a live judging round next week at The Oval on the lower ground floor of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, on the 9th September 2007, 2.30pm.
I told my sis that the photo of Vinnie on the Johnsons Baby website does not do justice to my baby niece. She looks darn cute with the ability to pose whenever the camera’s pointed at her. (Will she be crowned Johnson’s Baby of the Year for 2007? Fingers crossed!)
You can take a look at Vinnie (full name Adrienna Vinnie Goon bt Mohd Amzari) here and if you can, do vote for her. 😉 She’s the first baby on the page.
But here are 2 cuter photos of her (snapped them when I was back home in Selangor 2 weeks ago). I think she probably has a good chance of wowing the judges next week, don’t you think?
Johnsons Baby Contest 2007 semifinalist
Johnsons Baby Contest semifinalist
Quick update: My darling niece Vinnie did not make it to the finals last Saturday. Her mom/my sis was rather disappointed. She had one grouse though – she said that all babies and their moms had to register by 10am or risk disqualification but all 18 of them waited for 2 babies and their (very unpunctual) parents who came in at 1pm! Why make rules when rules aren’t followed? Makes one wonder right?

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  1. Hi Vern: Thank you thank you! Mucho appreciated…. the family’s been calling everyone we know to cast their votes. You know what my Dad did? He took Vinnie around Banting to introduce the “candidate” to his pals (and of course, persuade them to vote for her!). Sneaky!


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