Margaret at GS Gill's

I shall be away for the next few days. Have a number of important things to do… yes, will be out of Penang. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll have plenty to blog about when I get back on Sunday – it’s a bit of everything, business and social and I have a bit of networking in mind too.
Since we wouldn’t be home for the next few days, we sent Margaret to the vet for boarding. We couldn’t leave her wandering about the apartment, mewing her head off. And it’s hard to say what a fat tabby like her would do to our sofa too (when we’re around, we shoo her off the sofa whenever she looks like she’s going to jump up for a snooze….cats!).
GS Gill’s was the perfect answer. GS Gill is a well-known vet in Penang – we took Margaret to Gill’s for spaying last year. (Here’s a quick question: What’s the difference between spaying and neutering? Spaying is for female cats or dogs while neutering is for their male counterparts. Or why is chocolate bad for dogs? Or why you should not feed your pet Panadol … you get more answers at Gill’s website.)
[Spaying or neutering is an important step in responsible pet ownership if you have a pet dog or cat – especially if you’re not keeping them for breeding purposes. Neutering or spaying a dog or cat will prevent countless homeless animals wandering the streets, or creating a nuisance of themselves, scavenging for food and etc.]
This time, we took her over there for boarding – consider it a cat and dog hotel, if you must. It costs about RM8 to RM10 per cat/dog depending on the size of the animal. And your animal must be vaccinated first. If it isn’t, the vets at GS Gill will do that for you and that’s separately charged. On top of that, they charge for bathing your pet too. A bath every 3 days. I am sure Margaret never felt so clean in her whole life. So in a week, she’ll have had at least 2 baths! Poor gal.
The kind and friendly vet, Dr Amreet, explained to us why Margaret weighed 4.76 kg when she should weigh 1kg less! We’ve been overfeeding that fatty. Guilty as charged.
He suggested we put a harness on her and take her for walks around the neighbourhood as she needs the exercise! I almost chuckled out loud. Walking a (fat) cat. That’ll be news.
At the vet’s, a funny thing happened. The vet’s assistant will usually call out the pet’s name in turn for the pet and owner to go into the clinic. The Rottweiler puppy, the mixed poodle and the gray and white cat we saw with their owners didn’t seem to have names we remembered. They could’ve been Fifi or Spot or any of the dozen of pet names you hear on the street.
The two women who were waiting with their poodle were surprised when the vet assistant called out “Margaret”. What a name for a cat, right? Bemused, the two ladies commented that our cat was pretty. Ah yes, with a name like Margaret, which tabby wouldn’t be pretty?
The vet assistant checked Margaret’s temperature (sticking a thermometer unceremoniously up her bum but Margaret didn’t even flinch!) and the good vet gave her a jab (she didn’t yowl or growl or cower). Other than her obesity, Margaret seemed to be OK.
So if you are going away for a holiday and cannot bring your darling cat or dog along, perhaps you should visit the Gills’ at Gottlieb Road and let them take care of your pets for a while.
In case you’re wondering who Margaret is, maybe this post and this post will clue you in.

4 thoughts on “Margaret at GS Gill's”

  1. I love fat cats;-)Send me a picture of Margaret and I shall trade you my pet’s cute pose.He ‘s a beauty and stops traffic when I take him out for walks.Have a good trip in KL!

  2. Hi Tze
    Yah, the fatter they are, the lazier they become. Hmmm, so you take your cat out for a walk? Yep, I will….. KL’s an escape for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nah, seriously, it’s work….

  3. For a moment there I was thinking what’s Margaret doing in a Sports Shop? Hahahah…Fat Cats are adorable. Went I sent my cat to PAWS for boarding many moons ago, there was a HUGE cat.
    No prize for guessing his name.
    Garfield. Hahaha. Seriously…
    Say hi to Margaret for me ๐Ÿ˜‰


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