My Favourite Beef Kueh Teow at Beach Street

I’ve been meaning to write about this favourite beef kueh teow for a long time now but each time, I get too greedy about eating the kueh teow that I forget to snap photos!
Beef noodle fans
I got to know this corner coffeeshop thanks to a good pal who said the beef kueh teow here was superbly good. And like all recommendations, I had to try it. And damn, I got hooked!
And mind you, this is premium price beef kueh teow we are talking about. A small bowl of this soupy goodness costs RM6 (now the price is RM7) while the big bowl is RM8.
Yes, it’s kueh teow in beef stock with lots of beefy parts and slices of partially cooked beef.
Yes, this is Beach Street.
Yes, people FLOCK to this kopitiam.
Yes, the kopitiam only has this one hawker stall selling this one type of food.
And the stall is manned or should I say, completely run by 3 women. The young one is rather pretty and sweet (OK, do I hear a stampede of men scrolling to the bottom of this post to check out the location of this stall?).
Beef noodle seller
Anyway, I know why so many Penangites are hooked. I believe the RM7 or RM8 you pay for each bowl is well worth it. You have to taste this to believe it.
Beef noodles
The beef stock or soup is very flavourful and robust. The kueh teow is smooth as silk and practically slithers down your throat. And capping it all off, the beefy parts (stomach, tendons, etc.) and beef slices are absolutely divine to munch on – extremely juicy, tender and tasty! Dip the beefy parts into the chilli sauce and you’d be swooning. And look at me….10 years ago I would’ve turned my nose up at eating beef!
Penang beef noodles Beach Street
The stall is in a kopitiam called Kedai Kopi Lam Ah, located directly opposite the Balai Bomba on Beach Street. You cannot miss it. Corner coffeeshop with one stall.
Bomba station Beach Street
Parking can be tough to find on this busy road/intersection but try the smaller roads. They open from morning till late afternoon and when I asked the Auntie when they close, she says they never close unless the kopitiam people close.
Beef noodle shop
This place is packed during lunch time so it’s best to come after lunch, around 2 onwards. Otherwise, it can get quite claustrophobic!
PS: There’s another place that I love to go for beef ball kueh teow soup. In my next post then! Do you have any place to recommend for beefy stuff in soup?

13 thoughts on “My Favourite Beef Kueh Teow at Beach Street”

  1. Ya know.. i know you liked it….but I didn’t know you liked it this much! 😀 Come to think of it, it’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve been there to makan.

  2. Hi Vern: Yes, it’s very addictive. So glad you told me about it. When we started snapping photos, the young lady was quite shy – so that’s why you can’t see her face in the photo. But she’s sweet and pretty yah.
    UnkaLeong: You must come to Penang then and tuck into this bowl of beefy goodness. My, I sound like a walking advert for this stall. Good food is its own advertisement!

  3. Hi Patrick: I must get Nic to take me to try the Kuching Open Air Gu Bak Mee. Thanks for the recommendation. I often end up eating Sarawak laksa and Kolo mee when I am in Kuching. Have you tried Aladdin’s Chicken Rice on Carpenter Street?

  4. Have you tried the Beef Koay Teow in Sri Weld food court?It’s prettty tasty too.I make my own Beef Koay Teow whenever my husband brings back chilled beef from Australia.Apparently the custom has stopped allowing meat to come through passengers though;-(

  5. Well, you must. It’s nice. I bet Nic knows which stall it is. Just two stalls beside the Kuching Open Air Siew Mai stall. The one with Soya Bean drink + Siew Mai.
    Well, is Aladdin Chicken Rice good? I like the “Salad” Chicken Rice they have in Kuching. Not sure if it has spreaded to KL but it’s nice.
    Besides, my fav when I go to Kuching kopitiam is the 3 layer Teh-C-Peng with Gula Melaka.. NICE!

  6. Hi Tze: I must try the one at Sri Weld, now that you have alerted me.
    Hoyoyi: Any time babe. Any time… just remember you must call me when you are in PG.
    Patrick: Now that Teh C Peng is something I must try! Thanks for the tip.

  7. Hi u-jean: I think I know you leh..seen you before. You’re Vern’s friend right? Ah yes, the price can be a bit on the high side. That’s why it’s such a gorgeous luxury to be able to wallop a bowl of this “gu bak kueh teow” once in a while!


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