This One First…

I’m back! Thanks for everyone’s kind thoughts and comments when I was away for my Porpor’s funeral. I am so blessed to have friends online and offline!
Anyway, I’ve much to do now that I am back. Lots of stories to tell, lots of photos too as I had come back from Langkawi (yes, again! It’s probably Langkawi My Second Home!) a day before I got news that my Porpor had passed away.
But this one first…
Remember the last time I wrote about Island Glades’ curry mee? (If you can’t remember, then backtrack and read this post.)Well, apparently, you guys were not satisfied that the blog post DID NOT come with photos. Or at least, clearer photos.
Well, I was at Auntie’s a couple of weeks back. I had a tremendously satisfying bowl of superlicious Penang curry mee and I brought along my camera. Yeah, yeah, I won’t be bad and use my mobile phone camera. It’s too blur to see the real thing.
So I brought along a real camera this time and we sort of took pictures of Auntie when she was preparing the curry mee. She was shy! We told her we were going to write about her and put it online. Hard to explain what a blog was!
And yes, for the first time ever in blogosphere, MayaKirana decides to reveal herself tucking into an unhealthy bowl of Penang curry mee.
And on a Sunday morning! With clothes which look like ‘kiam chye’ (by that I mean, my tatty t-shirt looks like something Margaret would turn up her snotty feline nose at!). But hey, this is who I am. On (ahem) regular workdays, I look better-lah!
And if you are ever around Island Glades on a sunny morning, go look for Auntie. Her house is easy to spot. You will see an umbrella open, as well as two Malaysian flags on her roof – one a Penang flag and the other, a Malaysia flag.

3 thoughts on “This One First…”

  1. oh u look really familiar….huh? LOL.
    this bowl of curry looks really up to the standard altho personally, i still think penang food is ovveerrr-the-rated except nasi kandar and several authentic fares.


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