Shall Be Away

I just came home from Langkawi yesterday but I will be going away for two days. I just got news from my sister that my maternal grandmother had passed away this afternoon. She was 87.
I will be going home to Selangor tonight. Her funeral and cremation is tomorrow.
I am OK, no worries.
I am thankful that my Porpor had a long life. She lived with us for as long as I could remember.
She is at peace now and that’s all that matters.
Over and out.

4 thoughts on “Shall Be Away”

  1. My “amah” was the same age when she passed away four years ago. It impacted my life quite a bit. She was a strong and faithful giver. And that’s why it was so difficult for me to see her go. But you are right, they are where we will all return one day.
    Still, i pray that you and your family will be well and comforted. And that it’ll be good that all of you could share one piece of information that she made you laugh, happy or angry…whatever it was, that’ll help to bring good memories of her for each of the family to remember. We did that and i could still remember my sister’s sharing that “it’ll be good to continue to carry the torch for her”….”and keep that burning”.
    God be with you all. Lol,


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