5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Hmm, I got tagged by cat-lover UnkaLeong and I guess it is good manners to write something, right?
But I’ve written much about myself in this blog of mine so I was thinking, what else don’t you (you refers to all my good friends, blog readers, occasional drop-bys, and family members) all know about me, MayaKirana?
But digging deep into my brain is a good exercise, particularly on a Wednesday morning after a breakfast of nasi lemak and teh tarik!
OK (takes big deep breath), here goes!
1. I’m 5 feet 7, weigh about 56 kg and yes, despite the leanness, I HAVE been trying to get the ‘spare tyre’ off me for the longest time. Doesn’t help that I’m glued to the laptop all the time. But, I bought 2 VCDs to help me – one on bellydancing and one on salsaxercise. And I promised to do at least 10 sets of agonising sit-ups each day. Yes, I am bloody vain too. I want those lean and trim tummy muscles!
2. I was once approached to be a model (OK, OK, stop sniggering you people!) when I was 18. I think it’s my height more than looks! I was in Petaling Street with my best friend one sunny afternoon and we were looking for STPM revision books (in Popular Bookstore) when a middle-aged Chinese guy stopped me and asked if I was willing to be a model. I was more shocked than pleased! No, no, no. I’m quite suspicious you see so I thought he was a pimp or something. And I knew what it meant to be a model – I had a friend who was one and it’s not glamorous if you’re not Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell!
3.I used to wear really awful spectacles when I was young (started getting short-sighted in Standard Five and had to squint at the blackboard so much that my Dad got fed-up and took me to the optimetrist’s to get my eyes checked). I was so self-conscious about wearing glasses in school. When I had the chance and money, I got myself contact lenses. Never looked back since. But not keen on LASIK, no matter what my friends say. I won’t ‘slice’ my corneas!
4. I eat almost everything (duck tongues, phoenix claws, pig blood, chicken intestines etc) but I never eat bamboo shoots, canned or fresh! Yuck! The smell of bamboo shoots in any dish makes me want to faint/puke/die. Yes, strong reaction to one humble thing. Don’t ask why. On the other end, Nic adores them.
5. I used to play hockey and represented my school during my secondary school days! I think I like the viciousness of the game. I used to be so stressed out before the player selections each time the coach (by the way, why is it only Indian students take to hockey like ducks to water? Or why is it that Chinese students only play handball and basketball?) needed to choose the players to represent the school. I have a big fat ego and NOT making the team would kill me. Then again, I was (and I guess I still am) a highly competitive person, both academically and on the sports field. I hated being second best. If I can’t be number one, I’d get major stressed. It’s just in me I guess. All firstborns are like that.
OK, there you go. Five things you never knew about me, MayaKirana or since so many of you know me, OK, about Krista.
Now’s my turn to go and ruffle some people’s feathers and force them to go down memory lane or dig up some dirt.
1. Vern
2. Lydia
3. Marsha
4. Keatix
5. Hoyoyi
Off you go people!

5 thoughts on “5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me”

  1. You’re 5’7? Em… how come I didn’t notice that before…? …..
    My Physics teacher back in secondary school has always wanted to get LASIK, but feared its consequences should anything go awry. So she would always ask us, “Eh, one of you go and try that LASIK thing-lah.. then if you don’t go blind come and tell me! Then I will also do!” Her eyesight is so bad that she can’t see the clock at the other end of the class so we always bluff our way through by saying it’s already recess when there’s actually about 10 minutes of lesson time left. Funnily, she always lets us get away with it. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’ve done this tag before, but in the old blog… hmmm… I guess I’ll have dig up 5 more uninteresting things about yours truly then…

  2. 1. WTF! LOL!!! got meh???
    2. WALAU ..WEH!!! i nearly got a ‘guess’ model being my close fren. now i dont fren u already. no, i dont want amberchia.
    3. U wear one? oh.
    4. Hi 5 dudet!!
    5. Oh, no wonder u hv a hunchback……LOL LOL…kidding! powderful la u, like unka.

  3. Hi Vern: Hah, LASIK. But it’s quite safe according to 4 of my friends who did it and now are spec-free! Two of them are moms and both gave strange reasons – they did not like waking up at 3am to feed their babies and having to grope for spectacles was bothersome, hence they decided to have LASIK done once and for all to alleviate those pains! Hmmm. Not one of those vainpot stories. Just out of convenience. The other couple did it because they liked outdoor sports and wearing specs was out of the question.
    UnkaLeong: You know what Margaret did? She gnawed into my packet of Bee Cheng Hiang BBQ meat! I was so upset! Do cats eat meat? Now I have to feed that packet of premium BBQ meat to my grandma’s dog!

  4. We had a cat named Minnie who loved Durians. They eat anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ Been told by the Vet not to feed them chicken bones though, as they may not get digested properly and injure the cats stomache.


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