I'm Here, I'm Here

Long silence huh? Doesn’t seem like me right?
Well, I was away for a week’s break in Langkawi. Yes, beautiful aquamarine sea, long road stretches without another car in sight (oooh, heavenly driving!) and the occassional water buffalo grazing…
It wasn’t all leisure either although Nic and I did go up Gunung Matchinchang using the cable car and drank in the spectacular views of the island and the Andaman Sea. We rode gorgeous horses too near Telaga Tujuh.
We met friends, we dined with clients, we spoke to the locals (I like doing this because I find out very interesting things!) and we had a fabulous time. We went loo-visiting too because A told us that Langkawi has some of the most intriguing restrooms. More of that coming soon. We also took scenic drives across the island, and certain parts of Langkawi, particularly near the northwest coast can be quite romantic… (ok, collective sighs are in order now).
And the food! Can I go anywhere without eating? It’s like asking me to live without breathing. Of course not. The food featured heavily because A showed us the best places to makan. From simple warung to beachside cafes, from Italian fine dining to Thai food, we were chomping our way down Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah! And that’s only two places in Langkawi. I had not even reached Kuah town yet!
We went slightly nutty over the duty-free chocs and liquor too so we had to get ourselves some (after comparing prices and getting headier by the minute).
So that. ladies and gentlemen, was why I’d been missing in action.
I’ll be posting up more over the weekend. See you back here soon!

7 thoughts on “I'm Here, I'm Here”

  1. Hmmm…. a 2nd honeymoon perhaps??? Getting all of us fired up hearing those nice places to eat and see. By the way, I was out of action too in the office, I mean. Was in Kuching and then Miri and crossed the border to Brunei, the kingdom which recently celebrated its King’s 60th birthday. Nothing spectacular to talk about my trip unlike yours.. but you are always inept with lingustics.

  2. Hello my dear… honeymoon? What’s that? No seriously, we were there to meet friends and just relax since we did not manage to go to Kuching this year. But that’s my forte… tempting you with my words. I would have done a good job if I managed to make you drool. Ha.

  3. Can’t believe Langkawi has nice food. The last time I went, we had trouble finding food as it was Hari Raya and it was like a ghost town. Had to rent a jeep to go from hotel to town in search of food. But then we didn’t have a guide either ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ride horses? riding wild horses? did u try parasailing too???? lol lol. anyway, it is fun doing that i m sure, i’d try riding horses too, not in ferringhi though.
    did u cek out bonton? i was involved slightly last year. it’s a fun place to stay too. i quite like langkawi since d bonton project but still, langkawi is neither secluded nor hyper.

  5. Hi Lydia: Yep, food. I did not know Langkawi had good food either.
    Hi Keat: We passed by Bon Ton (which the French pronounce as Bahn Tahn, with that nasal twang) a couple of times. Heard the gorgeous stories too about the translocated Malay houses. See… only Mat Salleh can appreciate our Malaysian heritage. Will go there the next round. There’s much to see on Langkawi, surprisingly!
    Hi D: Either that or out of sight, out of mind!
    Hi MatrianKL: Yep, if you know me, I try to make it fun whatever I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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