Things that make me go hmmm….

I learn new things online everyday.
I was searching to see if a client’s website has been indexed by Google when lo and behold, I come across a site that summarizes information of individuals who have been written about, online.
Now THAT is a frightening thought.
Cyberspace is usually harmless but it carries with it, quite a bit of information which most people would find disconcerting.
A friend I met online many years ago googled and found some insipid poems I wrote back in ’98. Oh dear! And based on those sentimental and almost dreary words, he summed me up as a Sylvia Plath wannabe.
I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have been that melodramatic. And Plath, well, she was a depressed soul. I wrote those pieces in a depressed mode. Generally I am quite perky…
But that’s the problem isn’t it? That we’re all Googlable (oops, is it even a word?) if we’ve been hanging out online long enough. Like how I found a longlost classmate just by googling him. I knew he was in Cambridge and I knew his full name. In no time, I was emailing him! That’s how easy it is to sneak up and traumatise people, if you know how to do it, online style.
Freaky? Not as freaky as finding out via ZoomInfo that you’re searchable! Now in an easier format. Just type in the person’s name and if the info is summarised, you will find it.
ZoomInfo calls itself a “unique summarization search engine that finds, understands and extracts the latest online information about people and companies and instantly delivers it in concise and useful summaries.”
Just goes to show that bits and pieces of information floating about in cyberspace can be turned into gold and in ZoomInfo’s case, a pure commercial venture. In this case, information concerning us. You and I.
If that’s not scary, I really don’t know what is.
Caveat… while I do love googling for people and information in all its permutations, coming up with odd stuff, incredible stuff and plain bizarre stuff, I still find ZoomInfo plain weird.

4 thoughts on “Things that make me go hmmm….”

  1. hi daphne
    i know. tons of info about us are floating about in cyberspace and that thought, sobers me up completely. i wonder what would happen in the next 5 years with all these junk and gunk like lifeless, listless ghosts…

  2. Holy cow! And I found one of the many movie reviews I wrote while I was still employed by Asiaonair there!!! This is quite weird cause I left asiaonair long time ago and the site is not even there anymore.
    (playing twilight zone song) I wonder what else is out there about me….will they find me? what are they going to do to me? aaarrrgghhhhh!!!

  3. hi marsha
    hehe, they will find you! it’s also a big question mark – what happens if a person who owns a blog dies and then his or her blog will be in cyberspace, hanging about, for eternity! that’s something to think about eh in our wills? Like, please go online with this password and delete my blog if i am dead….ooooo.


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