A Zahir Bliss

Paul Coelho, one of my favourite writers, says that he doesn’t need a lot of things to be happy. He was quite contented moving into a sparse two-star hotel in France, equipped with just “the essentials: a fireplace, a view of the mountains, an Internet connection and a satellite dish”.
I think when we really think about it, it’s true. It sounds cliched but there is much joy in doing simple things.
Like this evening.
I had forgotten how good it was just to sit back and relax after an early dinner. What made it even more special was that I finally got my hands on Anita Roddick’s Business as Unusual – a book I had hankered for, for the longest time! And to think I found it in the USM library!
I’ve been Roddick‘s fan since I read about her when I took a Business Management paper during my uni days. And I’ve been hooked. Roddick is not only a business woman, she’s also a business woman with heart and soul. Loads of it.
But the oddest thing is, as Roddick herself admits, she’s a total business outcast. No stuffy corporate bigwigs for her. She didn’t start with a business plan and she’s never read about business theory and yet she’s hailed as of the most courageous business people of this century.
She also said she’s often surprised that business schools are inviting her to speak because she defines entrepreneurial spirit as the antithesis of the business school.
True. Very true. It takes a lot of balls to be an entrepreneur. It’s like being a guerrilla essentially. There’s no fun when the guerrilla turns into the Government, is there?
But the review must come another day. I just felt that contentment comes easily if I have a good book, Opus playing in the background and a nice, hot mug of tea nearby. Absolute bliss.
There’s always something sexy about classical music and books together.
And tea. Preferably Earl Grey.
PS: The Zahir is Coelho’s newest book. Zahir means “present” or “visible” in Arabic.

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  1. Paul Coelho’s idea of “the essentials”: “a fireplace, a view of the mountains, an Internet connection and a satellite dish” sound positively luxurious! LOL!!


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