Minoru Abe…and Moi

I don’t know what my IQ is. Never been tempted to find out even though
1. I did my thesis on the intellectually gifted
2. Nic is a member of Mensa
3. He tells me the test is not THAT tough
I think I have this problem of not wanting to ruin this lovely self-image of myself, built up over the years. I’m rather fragile I guess in that way. I have carefully constructed this image of me, how I should be, what I should be, over the years (the past 31 years in fact) and I am highly possessive of anyone taking a brick or two out of me. I don’t want to be “holey”.
Yet I love doing puzzles. Any puzzles. From those China-made metal ring puzzles, to Sudoku and to Minoru Abe.
Sudoku takes me awhile and I usually attempt (note “attempt” coz half the time I never finish it but am satisfied that I get 1 or 2 boxes correct) it after dinner. Nothing like some mental puzzle to help food digest.
The other thing which got me hooked recently is Minoru Abe. His puzzles are tough! And I keep myself mentally fit each day (for at least 20 minutes or so) by trying to solve “Boy & Dog”. I still can’t so that keeps me chugging along. Whenever I feel tired out by work, I go online and find “Boy & Dog”. Never fails to amaze me. Deceptively simple but boy, is it difficult.
Nic starts laughing whenever he sees me surreptitiously trying to solve “Boy & Dog”. For the 25th time!
Try it yourself. Minoru Abe puzzles can keep you up all night long.
And if you can solve “Boy & Dog”, PLEASE don’t break my heart.

3 thoughts on “Minoru Abe…and Moi”

  1. urgh! give me a puzzle and i’d say i’d rather do something else…like peel my toenails off one by one. no anaesthetics! 🙂 word puzzles i would TRY to do but once the fun dissipates, i am outta here!
    respect nic man! some people just think better than others. i prefer not to think. i prefer to have fun!!!


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