When God Was There

There’s no wonder that most people are pessimistic about life. Look at the happenings around us. It would seem as if Mother Nature herself is pissed. Look at Katrina, Talim, Mawar. And why named after women? Hell hath no fury…?
Anyway, I read a very powerful first hand account this evening and am soberly reminded that this Sept 11 would mark the 4th year anniversary of the collapse of the World Trade Centre, and the indelible course of action which has changed many peoples’ lives.
At times, I think, “What if someone took one step backwards and decided NOT to do what he had been instructed to do? Would things have been a lot more different?”
So I read Guy Yasika’s tribute to the heroes of 9-11. The man in the wheel chair. The fireman on his way up the stairs when everyone were filing out hysterically. The people who could not escape.
Guy Yasika survived 9-11 although he was in the building the morning it happened. He felt the building shake.
Sometimes one needs to read experiences like these to be reminded to fervently pray for peace.
To read his personal account of the event which rocked his life, go here.

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