A Lil Sunshine Goes A Long Way

While I may not be the queen of positive thinking (but there’s always room for improvement), I gravitate towards anything that sparkles with enthusiasm.
Why be glum and drag everyone into your own messy and sorry affairs when you can be the exact opposite, and spread some sunshine to everyone you see?
We all know the key truths: smile, be happy, yadda yadda yadda. But we all (I know I can’t) can’t just pop out of bed looking like we swallowed a box of lollies.
So I do the next best thing: I remind myself.
By reading.
Forgetfulness is my middle name, and I am trying hard to remember things I am supposed to do.
But if you forget (like me), it is great to find Dan Auito’s “A Positive Attitude” Manifesto. Oh, don’t let the word manifesto scare you. It’s not that communist. Really. Just like the word guerrila is NOT that imposing.
Get the 19-page (quick and short) PDF read here. It’s free. And it sparkles.

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