No Rainforest This Year

We’re not going to the Rainforest World Music Festival this year (SOB!) due to our business commitments and a whole load of projects. But we’ve encouraged all our friends to go and some are taking up the challenge.
This year seems to be a bit subdued (maybe too many years in the running now) but still, if you go, you will love it to bits. There’s absolutely nothing in Malaysia to rival this gorgeous music festival… and you won’t believe you’re in Malaysia either coz there’s going to be bunches of nationalities there! It’s a mini UN convention I tell you.
Anyway, if it makes us feel any better, if you are going, please send us some nice photos!
Here’s a blog on the Rainforest World Music Festival – the Survival Guide at least…
You can go there to read about last year’s festival and all the stuff that these people did there.
As a consecutive Rainforest Festival goer for the past 3 years, here’s my own checklist for the festival!
1. Bring a nice mat to sit on. Better still, bring a foldable chair to get comfy!
2. Bring a poncho or raincoat (it rains!!! Kuching is always so rainy!)
3. Wear the sheerest, most comfy clothes. Time to bring out your colourful holiday attire and don’t forget the hat and the sunblock!
4. Load up on snacks and choc bars. You need the energy for the partying.
5. Food is aplenty (not dirt cheap but aplenty) at the S’wak Cultural Village so don’t be ‘ulu’. Leave the canned food behind.
6. Go with friends who love to boogie.
7. Load your digital camera with a 1 GB card coz you’ll be snapping pics like no tomorrow.
8. Bring cash. Lots of it. You’ll go crazy over the limited CDs brought by the musicians themselves. Buy on the first day. It’ll all disappear on the third day. You don’t want to bawl your eyes out because you wanted to wait for last minute discounts (sorry honey, there’s no discount!!!)
9. Pick the workshops you really want to hear and go early! Limited places in the longhouses (where the daytime workshops are held).
10. Stay at the resorts around the Cultural Village if you can. Holiday Inn Damai Beach and Damai Lagoon are the best bets. They’re just 5-10 mins walk away from the festival venue.
Get the official stuff here at the Rainforest World Music Festival website.

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