Are You A Daily Writer?

I write. I write in my journal, I write in my blog, I write in our business blog and I write, scribble, jot down stuff and ideas that get into my head when I am reading books. I’ve written all sorts of things – from letters to the editor, travel articles, commissioned pieces, to short angst-filled pieces, short stories (soppy and crappy though they may be) and assignments in my student days.
You would think that writing is easy as I’ve been writing for so long.
I can tell you, it isn’t easy. Writing takes a lot of time, even though friends think I can spew words out like a fire hydrant. You know this thing about the Muse? When the Muse isn’t there, the Muse isn’t there. I struggle for words, sometimes I struggle to think of a topic. I can stare at the screen and not a single idea swishes by.

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