Emily's Coming to Penang

I was having a truly satisfying vegetarian lunch with Kat, the manager of Tropical Spice Garden two days ago and she told me about the play “Emily of Emerald Hill” that’s coming to Penang end of March, presented by Ombak Ombak Arts Studio.
I watched this delicious one-woman play (written by Stella Kon) many years ago and I can still remember the beauty of this 2-hour monologue, expertly played by Pearlly Chua.
I’m not even going to try to summarise what it’s about – lots of people have written about this Nyonya woman, her story, her life and how she had to do the things she did in order to keep her family in one piece, even if she did appear to be a domineering tyrant in the eyes of her son and husband. It is tragic but it is also a timeless piece that will leave you completely satisfied.
Anyway, if you want to catch this play, go get your tickets (RM30 or RM50) from Tropical Spicee Garden, one of the many arts supporters of this Peranakan play.
Touted as “everyone’s favourite Nyonya”, Emily of Emerald Hill is playing at Penang’s Wawasan Open University (this used to be the palatial home of Penang philanthropist Yeap Chor Ee) on 28 and 29 March 2009.
If you’re a true blue Nyonya, come dressed in your best Baba Nyonya attire too for a walk down the Peranakan lane! I was telling Kat, perhaps people who come dressed like Emily of Emerald Hill should be given a discount.
Contact Tropical Spice Garden at 04 881 1797 for your tickets.