Walk, Hunt and Win

Celebrate Hari Malaysia with Taman Sri Nibong!
As I’m part of the Taman Sri Nibong RA Committee, I’m using all means to get our little residential area in the news. I’m new to this area, having moved here late last year but immediately I was roped in by a friend to help in the committee. (Thanks to our intern Jensen who helped me design the banner above which can now be seen around Taman Sri Nibong.)
Nic & Jay scouting the area
Anyway, I’ve also been roped into the sub-committee to organize Hari Malaysia which falls on 16 September (which will be a public holiday!). Finally Nic’s gotten his wish to really celebrate the formation of Malaysia. For Sarawakians and Sabahans, it is quite unfair to celebrate Hari Merdeka without giving due respect to Hari Malaysia.
This time around, I’ve suggested that the Hari Malaysia celebration include something special, something other than the buffet dinner and performances and lucky draws.
I’m organizing a 3-hour walk-a-hunt on the morning of 16 September for the residents of Taman Sri Nibong. Not only is it FREE (don’t we just love free stuff!) to join, winners will also get good prizes.
Jay of WebMazers has agreed to help me set up the questions for the walk-a-hunt. It will be simple, he assures me. I’ve taken part in Jay’s treasure hunts and they’re quite cryptic!
This is Jay of WebMazers doing his recce last week
But he knows that this will be a hunt for residents to get to know each other and cultivate a sense of neighbourliness so he’s going to make it really easy for the participants. And I’ve asked him to do it pro bono for us as this is a community event.
I’ve always taken part in treasure hunts but this time, I’ll be the organizer.
We’re limiting participants to 30 teams of 4 persons each as any more than that is simply over stretching our resources.
If you want to take part, it’s simple – you need 4 people in your team and everyone should be Malaysians. You should make yourself available on the morning of 16 September (8am to 12 noon) for the walk-a-hunt around Taman Sri Nibong.
Winners will be awarded prizes during the dinner that night. It is NOT compulsory to buy the dinner ticket but you must be there for the prize-giving. If you do want to attend the dinner, we welcome you with open arms too. It’s only RM18 per adult and RM12 for per child with food, fun and lucky draw galore. To buy tickets, you can email me.
It’s a brilliant way to get to know your neighbours! And win some cool prizes.
The first prize is a 3 Day-2 Night hotel accommodation in Langkawi for 4 persons.
With some 10 other prizes too. In total we’re looking at some RM4,500 worth of prizes for this community treasure hunt. Thanks to all my fantastic and generous supporters who immediately said yes when I asked them to help out with the prizes!
Did I tell you I’ve arranged for a pole dancing performer during the buffet dinner too? 😉 I am now trying to get the Penang Dhol Blasters to come and perform. I’ve watched this bunch of Sikh guys do their drum thing and I think they’ll be such a fab addition to the Hari Malaysia celebrations.
Stay tuned for the treasure hunt entry forms for the Amazing Sri Nibong Hunt! They’re coming up real soon!