Remembering To Seize The Day

I’m supposed to be working but I’m feeling a bit too happy to do that right now. I had to blog about this. So yes, I’m stealing some time out to record this before I totally forget. (And yes, Izad, I recorded it in my abundance notebook too!)
I’m as pleased as a cat with her paw in a bowl of kibble.
Li Jin and I go way back.
We met in 2000 when I was a women’s portal content editor, a job I landed when I decided to veer from my copywriter position in an ad firm. She was trying her hand at writing for our women’s portal. The payment was measly but still she contributed.
She’s one of those women I have come to admire because this woman has the courage to live a large life. I call her my soul sister as we both share the same passion for writing and travel. She loves trying new things, never lets life take her down and never ever says no can do.
Is it any wonder that I’ve been enriched by our friendship?
From contributing to our women’s portal, she has gone on to much bigger things in life. She’s done very well for herself and I watch her every step, feeling so utterly proud of her achievements. Mind you, she’s a mother to 4 growing children with a husband to boot.
Yet she has done fabulously – she now writes for so many famous publications I’ve lost count. She’s a prolific writer. She’s warm, friendly, funny and honest. You don’t get many writers like that anymore. She’s also indifferent to society norms – she does what she wants to, when she wants to.
Plus she’s taken my advice seriously too – she’s been travelling with girl pals, travelling with freedom and gusto across Asia over the past few years. Sans family and kids. She’s been good to herself to which I toast completely. No woman should ever blame others for not being able to accomplish her own dreams, married or not.
She has, in her own words, been “travelling more than I probably should and poking my nose in the unlikeliest of places. But then again, why not and why not now, ya?”
Yes, Jin. Why not? Why not live life as fully as possible when you can?
Our friendship has had its own hurricanes and floods. There was a time when we both got mad at each other. When we were both fuming, it was hard as we knew inside it wasn’t anyone’s fault but our pride kept us from apologizing and making the first move. It was such a relief when we started talking again. It’s tough to be mad at one’s soul sister. It’s like you’re mad at yourself.
The pleasure of a splendid friendship means we watch out for each other, encouraging each other to dream big and dream onwards. In a world when so many people are bitchy or plain nasty, it’s heart-chokingly beautiful when we have this understanding that no matter what happens, we can pick up the phone and pour our hearts out to each other.
Yeah, a husband is a husband and he’s probably your bestest friend for all I care but nothing beats having a girlfriend you can sob/cry/high-five every once in a while. I believe that is why women live longer – we have a much better support system!
And both of us have never stopped dreaming. And with each milestone in our lives, we keep each other updated.
We’ve never forgotten to seize the day.
And so when she emailed to tell me that she’s getting her dream home, I was so pleased for her. Some 5 years ago, we stood at the balcony of a semi-detached show unit and like all people, we were ogling at the house.
Yes, Jin, I remember that day clearly.
But I cannot remember if I said this to her but she says I did. Apparently I told her that if she wanted a house just like that, if she dreamt of owning one like it, why not? Dreams do come true.
And finally it has. I could see every diamond of happiness in her email.
And how strange is it that we both found our dream homes?
Whatever your big audacious goal is, if you dream big enough, if you want it bad enough, it can happen. Jin is one successful example of ‘carpe diem’ -ing her way to more delicious moments in life.
Girl, I am so proud of you! I’m so darn proud I’m your friend!