Presenting My Rosemary Raisin Bread

Doesn’t my bread look glorious?
Yup, after 35 minutes in the oven (160 C), it came out nicely baked. I brushed some butter on the top while it was still warm. Made them into 9 buns as you can see.
But the texture was perfect unlike my other bread experiments.
Thanks BG for giving me back my confidence in breadmaking, using the traditional kneading method!
Here’s a tip from BG: Homemade bread will not be as soft as store bought bread. It will harden if left out in the open. It’s best to keep this bread in an airtight container in the fridge. To eat, just bring it to room temperature or warm it lightly in the oven at a very low heat. This homemade bread will be chewy but nothing beats homemade bread – it’s the satisfaction that you have made this bun/roll/bread on your own that makes it taste so damn good!