A Little Christmasey Do at Penang's 32

Another successful year for WomenBizSense! Another year to celebrate.
WomenBizSense Christmas Luncheon at 32 The Mansion, Penang
That was how I felt on last Friday as we had our super early Christmas luncheon at 32 The Mansion. As a co-organiser/co-founder/head of emailing/all round Jill, I am thankful that 12 ladies showed up too. We have 45 ladies in our group but not everyone attends all the time.
When I started this with Jo in 2006 (wow, that sounds like a long time ago!), we were afraid we wouldn’t find enough women entrepreneurs in Penang to join our little networking group. And that was our nightmare. What if no one joined? Would we still forge ahead? Where do we meet other business women?
In the end, our fears came to nought. In fact, we keep meeting women entrepreneurs all the time! We keep our eyes peeled and our ears sharp, ready to introduce ourselves to the next lady about our networking group.
The feedback has been positive because women love sharing! Our group has shared business contacts and friendships which makes me a little sentimental about the power of true giving.
And we have not become a silly coffee clutch of ladies either. We’ve been actively doing good for each other and raising money for the community. (Last year, we raised some money, not a lot, not millions but enough to know it came from the heart for the Persatuan Lupus Malaysia Penang chapter. This year we’re hoping to sponsor a 17-year-old girl enrolled at the Handicapped Children’s Centre at Grove Road.)
From a meeting each quarter to a meeting every month now, I must say Jo and I have done an amazing job of keeping WomenBizSense alive.
I’m proud of how distinct we are from other business networking groups – we only admit women, we’re all business owners, we don’t allow MLMers or insurance agents and there’s nothing wrong with mixing friendship and business, there’s nothing wrong with caring for a family and running a successful business and there’s simply no better gratification than having a bunch of friends who understand you completely.
And now, please enjoy the photos!