Island Hopping

I will be off to Langkawi for the next three days for ‘work’ but everyone I tell this to always give me this ‘are you sure’ look.
Yes, I am going for work!
First off, a big warm shout out to Michelle Quah whom I met on the last day of the year, thanks to Derek. I think I am going to enjoy having coffee with Michelle.(Michelle, if you read this – I will call you when I get back from Langkawi and Kuching.)
She’s a yoga instructor with Celebrity Fitness where Derek goes to almost daily for his gym and yoga.
This pretty, young lass also has her own yoga place called NirMaya Yoga… sounds almost Maya-like! She told me she agreed with me on this post about finding men.
My good pal Derek actually forwarded that post to 20 of his pals. Thanks Derek for the publicity. It was more of a heartfelt rant because good women and good men aren’t meeting up!
Michelle echoes that it is damn damn difficult to find men. But let me tell you, Michelle is gorgeous okay. And judging from her blog, also a wise old thing with plenty of gumption to follow her heart.
If she finds it tough to find a nice gentleman, wow, I can imagine how hard it is for other women. Men are visual creatures, ok? I repeat…visual. I am also quite visual myself – why else would I go watch Ip Man again if not to ogle at Donnie Yen and that hunk of a Japanese baddie?
(Speaking of single men, my friend, the Cooking Engineer, the one who was featured in The Star not too long ago, well, that man is officially married! He sends a note that Maya does not need to advertise his bachelorhood to all coz he’s nicely hooked up, thank you very much.)
But I shan’t make this into too much of a rant – it will be fun and work on Langkawi. So hang on to your horses folks. More updates when I get back… till then, have a fab week! It is the first week of the year…