Remember This Game?

If you remember this game, I know your age. And you know mine.

Pac Man - Good enough to be eaten!
Pac Man cupcakes! Thanks to Jo who sent me this pic...

When this game first burst into the scene, I was a pre-pubescent kid.
In those days, the best I got was that we had a video player! Imagine. That was our technology back then. And a phone. A house phone where you had to turn the dial a few times! But that was our technology.
And then ATARI came into my life.
And with it, came Pac Man.
You must know Pac Man celebrated its 30th anniversary this year and Google paid tribute to this game which back then enthralled me to no end.
I fought my sisters to play this game on our ATARI set, a luxury back then.
Don’t you love classic games like this?
Speaking of games, tomorrow I’ll be joining some (younger) friends to go play DOTA at Infinity, a cybercafe here in Jalan Sungai Dua. I’ve never played DOTA. It looks daunting. But then again, I’ve never really played these network cybergames either. It will be an experience!
If digital games are a clue to our evolution as humans, we’ve come a long way!