Did You Have A Merry One?

I had a quiet but busy Christmas yesterday. Actually I started early as I was shopping the whole of Wednesday, Christmas Eve. Which was odd considering I am not Christian!
(If you like warehouse sales, head on over to the PISA/Metrojaya Warehouse Sale. Lots of household stuff, lots of clothes, lots of cosmetics on sale. The prices are comparable to the warehouse sales in KL and PJ. It’s on until this Monday.)
I spent Christmas day by getting out of the apartment and having an Italian lunch with my aunts and sis at Ecco Cafe on Chulia Street. It wasn’t my first choice at all but Edelweiss Cafe was closed. And my aunts didn’t want any old Chinese food. They wanted something different. So we ended up having pizza and pasta and in usual style, my aunt chatted with the chef/owner of Ecco’s.
We later went on a butter-buying spree at the newly opened supermarket, Pacific at Komtar. It’s like a reincarnation of Super Komtar. Suddenly Komtar had come alive.
Unfortunately, Pacific reminds me of the departmental stores of yore. Yes, it was all shiny and new but the clothes department was not enticing at all.
Miffed, we headed down to the supermarket section only to be overwhelmed by 2 things – the crazy crowd of people packing every aisle like they’ve never seen a supermarket before (Malaysians love a new supermarket!) and a terrible stink from the fresh fish section. Yucks!
Call me a snob but I much prefer Jusco at Queensbay Mall or even my neighbourhood Tesco. (I couldn’t even find fresh button mushrooms at Pacific!)
But grab butter we did. In fact, between my Aunt Jo and I, we bought about 20 blocks of Anchor butter for baking cookies for Chinese New Year. She’s intent on baking them but my butter is for hoarding…. for breakfast!
I hope you had a good one yesterday… and if you’re still in that holiday mood, well, wishing you more of that too!
Belated Merry Christmas then!